The Days of Unaesthetic Home Water Filters Are Long Gone!

The Days of Unaesthetic Home Water Filters Are Long Gone!

Water filters are all the rage now, with all the problems that can arise because of modern days and potential pollutants in water. Some of these water filters will have very industrial aesthetics that may not suit every home, not only because of functionality but appearance. If the concern is that any filter you choose will look unsightly, then luckily there are designs that cater to beauty and function.

This means that there are a number of water filters that look absolutely gorgeous, and it’s only a matter of taste. Most aesthetic filters are designed in pitcher or jug form, as under-the-counter ones would not be visible. Function is the primary importance for under-sink filters and consulting experts in the field like Gene who actively discusses their use will help greatly.

Dewberry Shape Filter Water Jug

A fantastic water filter not only in efficiency but in aesthetics as well Dewberry Shape Filter Water Jug has a striking design. With simplistic round features and a faint salmon-colored top, this little filter jug is a delight. A transparent body makes this filter even more stunning as you are able to see the water slowly drip through the filtering medium.

Hard water could offer some issues with this design as the transparent body can become laden with limescale. It’s something to consider when appearance is a priority with your water filter. Cleaning the jug regularly with vinegar is enough to buff out any limescale deposits and make it sparkle like new once again.

The Tower from Aquanovo

The tower filter from Aquanovo takes design inspiration from water towers. A tall container made of glass, supported on black wooden textured legs, this water filter is quite an eye-catcher. Even the filtering medium is made to amp up its aesthetic as you can see the layers of the cartridge. This adds an interesting contrast to the see-through container.

A spigot at the bottom completes this beautifully crafted filter that will surely turn some heads. Using gravity as the filtering power for the water, the tower surely holds up to its aptly chosen name. With its layers cartridge heart and unique design, the tower looks and works stunningly.

The Soma Pitcher

A pitcher with a slightly more unconventional design at the cartridge section, the Soma pitcher looks similar to a paper coffee filter. The carafe is made with BPA-free plastic that will hold up against shattering. The rounder edges at the base give a sleek outline matching the cartridge shape inside.

The black-colored version would fit neatly with other black devices in the kitchen. The white colored one comes with a golden oak wood colored handle, which brings out the aesthetic even more. Stylish in its contemporary approach to visual design, the Soma is a subtler beauty among the rest of the kitchen devices.

The Days of Unaesthetic Home Water Filters Are Long Gone!

The Talise Fluted Carafe Water Filter

An almost vintage-like style, the Talise Fluted Carafe encompasses design in a more modular way. Elegant and inspired, this beautiful water jug brings a nice accent among other decorative pieces in the kitchen. A table with glasses would fit nicely with the design of this filter and it can also be used without the filter as a simple carafe. The beautiful design of the Talise can thus be used as a decanter for wine in a pinch, by simply removing the cartridge holder of the filter.

Since its origins are in glassblower handcraftsmanship, the glass itself can withstand hot and cold drinks. There is also no worry about limescale stains as the jug can be washed in the dishwasher, and take care of pesky deposits that interfere with the crystal-clear aesthetic.

Ceramic Water Filter from Walter

Ranked as one of the most stylish water filters, the Ceramic Water Filter from Walter comes with a unique design. Standing out from other filters that would fit a streamlined decor, this one from Walter brings a cottage feel with its style.

Simple white or colored with accents of colorful notes or texture, the casing doesn’t scream too much but exudes a quiet charm. With or without a stand, the filter will stand out in the kitchen setting because of its distinctive look. It has a solid appearance and the painterly varieties are a nice customizable touch to choose from.

Aarke Water Purifier Filter Jug

A smaller water filter jug, that has the appearance of a tea infuser, or coffee press, the Aarke Water Purifier Filter Jug fits well in kitchen decor. Usually, filters are larger devices, but this smaller one comes to contradict the rule, with its nice design that blends in with the interior design.

A combination of glass and steel, blend together to provide a modern look to your filtering device. Cute and convenient, this filter can be washed in the dishwasher without any fuss and come out as new. Designed to redefine the home appliances industry, this filtering jug was created with environmental principles in mind by experienced industrial designers.

To sum up

Water filters have evolved a lot in modern times so they are capable of cleaning water in various stages of contamination, and so in some cases, the design will also matter. If the idea of getting a plain-looking water filter is something you wish to avoid there are prettier models.

Pitchers especially come in all manner of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials and are the most customizable. It seems there is an option for everyone and every taste, that can fit multiple kitchen decors.

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