Top 3 Tips For Decorating A Rental Home

Top 3 Tips For Decorating A Rental Home

A lot of people live in rented premises and while one may not own the house or apartment they are living in, they still want it to be reflective of their personality, comfortable and most of all it should feel like a real home.

However, there is always the caveat that you cannot undertake major structural changes in a rented place or even smaller ones that could damage or alter the interior in any way for fear of losing your security deposit. Here are a few tips for decorating your rental home safely and beautifully without risking offending the owner or landlord.

1. Soft Furnishings & Homely Touches
One of the major things you can do to convert a lifeless and dull rental space into a calming and gorgeous home is to use soft furnishings like plush couches, fur rugs, and fluffy footstools. Do not underestimate the power of plush throw blankets, soft cushions, and other elements of coziness inspired by the Nordic Hygge style.

For hygiene as well as stylistic reasons, change the curtains in your rental house right away to some pastel or fresh colored chiffon curtains that allow the light to come through. For smaller apartments, light fabrics for curtains can actually make the space look larger. You can further add other homely touches like a custom house painting to make the space resonate with you.

2. Redo The Bathroom
Contrary to popular opinion you do not need to retile a bathroom to significantly improve it. There are plenty of hacks you can use to make the bathroom tolerable, even pleasing. Bathrooms are important room in a house because it is where the day begins and where most people like to take bubble baths and wash off the stress of the day.

Add plenty of foliage (even faux types will do) and give the bathroom a thorough cleaning with drain cleaner, antiseptic bathroom cleaner, and even hydrogen peroxide for complete disinfecting. Take time to clean the grout with a small brush and polish the faucets. Re-caulking areas around the toilet and the sink is a hack anyone can do at home with the right materials from the hardware store. In drier areas of the bathroom, you can use contact paper or wallpaper or even special vinyl Fablon for a deluxe feel of marble or granite.

3. Lighting Generates Ambiance
How often have you heard that ambiance is everything when talking about a home or even a hotel? Lighting is a major contributor to mood and even energy levels so use a lot of low lighting options, floor lamps, and also projector lamps that project moonlight or starlight across the room.

For travelers that stay in Air Bnbs, the ambiance is one of the features they are likely to pay more for and which may even upgrade a regular rental to a vacation or luxury rental. Many Air Bnb owners use vacation rental software to take care of their properties and manage them well and any feature that promises lucrative profits is implemented. Choose color-changing bulbs and automatic lights in your rental space for setting the mood and making the space look upscale.

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