Waterman Camberwell Coworking Space / Inscape

Waterman Camberwell Coworking Space / Inscape

Project: Waterman Camberwell Coworking Space
Architects: Inscape Projects Group
Services: Strategy, Design + Construction
Project Manager: OneTeam
Location: Camberwell, Melbourne, VIC
Area: 19,500 sqft
Year 2023
Photo Credits: Nicole England

A harmonious blend of nature & elegance
Waterman Camberwell exemplifies a fusion of functionality and aesthetic brilliance. This vibrant coworking space has been meticulously crafted to foster a culture of innovation and inspiration. The thoughtfully curated interiors by Inscape seamlessly blend modernity with comfort, creating an environment that sparks creativity and collaboration. From dynamic work zones to inviting communal areas, the design encourages a fluid exchange of ideas, fostering a sense of community among diverse professionals. Inscape’s key mission for Waterman Camberwell was to create a work environment that had a positive influence on its inhabitants. The fivekey feelings that are evoked by the space are energy, boldness, personality, cheerfulness & elegance. Waterman Workspaces in Camberwell, shaped by the
vision of Inscape, stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful design in cultivating a dynamic atmosphere conducive to professional growth and creativity.

The choice of colours within Waterman Camberwell’s coworking oasis was a calculated decision, not merely a visual preference. Sleek and vibrant colours, carefully curated by Inscape, serve as catalysts for creativity, inspiration, and collaboration—essentials that define the very essence of coworking at Waterman’s hub.

Inscape’s expertise in design comes to life as these sleek and vibrant hues are seamlessly integrated to optimise natural light within Waterman Camberwell. In a bustling co-working space, where professionals seek both focus and camaraderie, the strategic use of these hues amplifies the effects of natural light, creating an inviting and energising environment that aligns with Waterman’s vision for a vibrant collaborative hub.

The visual expansiveness achieved through the thoughtful selection of sleek and vibrant colours contributes to the open and collaborative atmosphere that defines Waterman Camberwell’s co-working spaces. Inscape’s dedication to creating functional yet aesthetically pleasing environments is evident in the use of these hues on walls, furniture, and communal areas, fostering an atmosphere that encourages networking, teamwork, and the seamless exchange of ideas.

Waterman Camberwell Coworking Space / Inscape

Bold Design Enhances Collaborative Brilliance / The Vibrant Orange Canopy at Waterman Camberwell
The bold decision to envelop the ceiling in a rich, amber hue sets the stage for an environment that marries functionality with captivating beauty. This warm and invigorating shade of orange transcends traditional design norms, creating a vibrant and stimulating atmosphere within the workspace. The intentional use of this dynamic color not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal but also serves a pivotal functional purpose by transforming the perception of space. The orange-hued ceiling introduces a sense of warmth and intimacy, cultivating an environment that fosters connection
and creativity among Waterman Camberwell’s collaborative community.

Beyond its visual impact, the orange ceiling in Waterman Camberwell’s coworking space is a strategic choice aimed at optimising functionality.
This vibrant color stimulates a sense of energy and vitality, offering cohabitants a motivational backdrop for their professional pursuits. The intentional infusion of orange serves as a catalyst for inspiration, encouraging focus and fostering a dynamic ambiance. Inscape’s innovative approach to integrating color into the architectural elements of Waterman Camberwell’s coworking space demonstrates the transformative power of design choices that seamlessly blend beauty with functionality, redefining the conventional workspace experience.

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Waterman Workspaces
Waterman Workspaces, a visionary in the realm of collaborative work environments, had a dynamic vision for their Camberwell coworking space. As a client committed to redefining traditional office settings, Waterman sought a design that would seamlessly blend functionality with a distinctive aesthetic, fostering an atmosphere that transcends the conventional. The brief emphasised a desire to create an inspiring environment that not only enhances individual productivity but also encourages vibrant collaboration among professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Waterman Workspaces, known for their innovative approach to modern workspaces, expressed a keen interest in incorporating elements of nature and bold design into the Camberwell coworking hub. The objective was to establish an environment that reflects the dynamic nature of contemporary work, providing a space where professionals can thrive creatively. The inclusion of natural elements, such as timber and plant features, was a key component of the brief, as Waterman aimed to infuse the workspace with a sense of tranquility and connection to the outdoors. Additionally, the client articulated a desire for bold design choices that would set their coworking space apart, creating an environment that stimulates fresh thinking and collaborative brilliance. Overall, the Waterman Camberwell brief served as a catalyst for Inscape to craft a transformative design that not only met but exceeded the client’s aspirations for an innovative and inspiring coworking haven.

“Waterman has been proud to partner with Inscape in bringing an incredibly vibrant and stunning space to Camberwell. Inscape worked hard to deliver our vision that incorporates a striking combination of workspaces and functional amenity, integrating the natural light of the location and the atmosphere and surrounds of Camberwell Place shopping centre seamlessly.
Inscape’s expertise, creativity, and dedication has resulted in an attractive workspace that fosters collaboration and productivity and has already attracted and built an engaged community of businesses and individuals that are proud to work from this centre.” Waterman


Elevating Office Aesthetics with Innovative Workplace Kitchens
Inscape seamlessly blended functionality with a touch of nature-inspired elegance in the Waterman Camberwell kitchen. The thoughtfully curated design introduces a palette of pinks and greens, creating a visual ode to the serenity of nature within the workplace environment. Fingertiles, incorporated with care, add a modern tactile element, enhancing the overall sensory experience for those engaging with the space. Embracing a thematic use of arches, a pillar adorned with suspended greenery takes center stage, infusing the kitchen with a breath of fresh air. The soft curvature of the island bench not only contributes to the kitchen’s aesthetic allure but also prioritises fluidity and ease of movement. This innovative culinary space transcends mere visual appeal; every element has been meticulously crafted to prioritise functionality, ensuring that the Waterman Camberwell communal kitchen stands as a dynamic and efficient hub for culinary creativity and collaborative moments in the contemporary Australian workplace.

Waterman Camberwell Coworking Space / Inscape

Cultivating Nature’s Presence in the Modern Workplace
In the innovative design of Waterman’s co-working space in Camberwell, the deliberate inclusion of wood elements serves as a cornerstone for both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.

Incorporating natural timber not only adds a warm and inviting touch to the workspace but also establishes a harmonious connection to the surrounding nature-inspired theme. Beyond its visual allure, the use of wood enhances the overall well-being of the workspace environment. With its inherent acoustic qualities, wood minimises noise disruptions, fostering a quieter and more focused atmosphere for those working in the space.

Additionally, the sustainable and eco-friendly nature of wood aligns seamlessly with the commitment to responsible design, contributing to a workspace that not only looks and feels welcoming but also prioritises the long-term health and productivity of its occupants.

Waterman Camberwell Coworking Space / Inscape

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