What Are the New Kitchen Trends For 2022?

What Are the New Kitchen Trends For 2022?
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Houses are like fashion, their style is constantly changing, and new trends are constantly emerging. These trends may be completely different, or only certain aspects change, like, for example, your kitchen. If you think your home is in style, you better check again because new trends appear at least once every year, according to kitchen remodeling contractors – Home Care Contractors.

But what exactly are the new kitchen trends for 2022? Are wallpapers still a thing? What about efficiency? Let’s find out!

Smart Kitchens

Technology is already a big part of our everyday life, and it has made its way into the kitchen. Almost all the appliances in a kitchen are smart nowadays, and it is easy to control them using our smartphones. Trends are now focusing on smart tech and how it can improve our time spent in the kitchen.

WiFi-controlled fridges and ovens are just some of the smart appliances available in the kitchen. There are also ambient lights that can be changed based on the owner’s mood. This trend is more about making the time spent in the kitchen as comfortable as possible and lowering the time spent preparing dishes.

What Are the New Kitchen Trends For 2022?

Marble is Always On Trend

Designers are also using marble in the latest kitchen trends. Marble is one of the most durable and luxurious materials for a kitchen. Marble is back in trend due to its quality and the large variety of models it can come in. In 2022, veined marble is the most desired kind, and grey colors will contrast with the dark veins. The ordinary marble without veins is also popular snce it contrasts with metallic fixtures in the room.

There are also fake marble countertops if you can’t afford the real thing. Both real and fake marble look good, but fake marble is also in trend because it will give your kitchen the feeling of being expensive and luxurious.

The Sustainability Trend

In 2022 people tend to focus a lot on the planet and take the necessary steps to be eco-conscious. This can be seen in the trends for kitchens too. Eco-friendly products are becoming more popular in the kitchen. From LED lights to eco-friendly paint, there can be many factors that will make the kitchen sustainable. Many second-hand products are also part of this trend, including reused furniture. Plants can also help to give the kitchen a natural look and feel.

Wallpaper is Popular Again

Just as fashion trends can come back, the same can happen to kitchen trends. This is the case with wallpapers which were once more prevalent in all kitchens. Not only because they are practical and cheap, but wallpapers provide many possibilities to customize the kitchen.

The secret in 2022 is to use wallpapers that contrast with the furniture. If black furniture is used, then a lighter wallpaper is needed to make the kitchen be in trend. There are many combinations of colors between the furniture and the wallpaper, which allows for a unique look.

The best part is, due to printing technology, homeowners can customize their wallpapers however they wish.

What Are the New Kitchen Trends For 2022?
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