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What Does It Take to Build the Patio of Your Dreams?

You can turn your outdoor space into a relaxing and entertaining hub that improves your quality of life.

For a couple of months during the hot season, your yard is the place where entertainment reins, and you cannot help but think about how you can upgrade it to fit your needs and preferences better. Understandably you want to transform your outdoor space into a place to reflect, relax, and spend quality time with your family and friends. Besides improving your quality of life, investing in your backyard can also add monetary value to the property, suppose you want to sell it.

Porches and patios are the most common types of outdoor housing structures, so you’ll have to decide which one fits your needs best.

Grid Collection for Patio by Henrik Pedersen
Grid Collection for Patio by Henrik Pedersen

What is the difference between a patio and a porch?

A patio is a paved area placed at ground level nearby your house. Because it’s an outdoor space, often uncovered, it’s usually built from stone and weather-resistant materials. Most patios are open spaces adjacent to houses. However, some have a covering.

A porch is an outdoor structure built near an entrance. Most times, it’s part of the home design and matches it in architectural style. Porches usually have a roof but lack solid walls, so they must accommodate outdoor furniture that can withstand weather elements.

Now that you know that a patio and porch are two kinds of housing attachments, you must decide which one best fits your needs. Here are some factors to consider when choosing.

– Climate. Weather is an essential factor when deciding between a patio and a porch.
– Cost. Both spaces require professional building and installation, but porches are usually more expensive to make.
– Entertaining. The way you spend your free time impacts the choice of an outdoor space. Porches offer more privacy, while patios allow big gatherings.
– Space. The amount of space available for building a housing structure also impacts your decision.

If you decide that a patio is a perfect solution for enhancing outdoor living space, here are some things to consider.

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Considerations to keep in mind when building a patio

Before looking on Pinterest for patio layouts, ask yourself what purpose the space will serve. Its intended purpose impacts all your decisions. Do you plan to host weekend family events? Do you prefer small, intimate gatherings? Do you want to host lavish parties? Do you want a fire pit? Will you cook outdoor?

When you hire the contractor to build the patio, you need to share with them the purpose of the project. They’ll also most likely ask you what you need and desire in the patio, so you should have the answer ready.

To ensure that you complete the project successfully, you need to make sure you afford it. This is a critical logistical decision you should make before hiring the contractor and buying materials. Decide on a budget and ask the builder if they can work within it. Expect some materials and fixtures to be more expensive, depending on the type of patio you want to build. Discuss with the contractor because they can estimate the project cost and help you understand if you can build the patio you dream of. Also ask yourself if you’re willing to bend on the price if they recommend altering your initial project to obtain a more functional space.

If you have a smaller property, you don’t have much in terms of location. But if you have more room for an outdoor house attachment, you should consult with the contractor on the patio’s site to ensure it works with the other structures. It’s crucial not to waste resources and space on a structure you’ll use only a couple of months annually.

When you pick the patio’s location, consider the following aspects:
– Privacy
– Accessibility
– View
– Space size
– Sun and shade
– Wind

As stated before, you need to hire a professional contractor to build your new house addition. Designing and installing a patio takes plenty of knowledge and expertise, and you need a constructor to handle it properly. However, when you hire the team, make sure to check if they have insurance because if they lack it and one of the workers gets injured while working on your premises, you may be held liable. When someone experiences a workplace injury, they work with a company like Personal Injury Claims UK to get compensation for their suffering and lost wages. You don’t want to be the one who pays it only because their employer doesn’t have insurance.

Permits and bylaws
Before you proceed with installing the patio, it’s crucial to ensure that your plans don’t violate any local regulations. You can get in touch with the authorities to find out what documents and approvals you need in order to get the necessary permits to build the patio. Your contractor can also provide you with this piece of information, so give them a copy of your plan.

Establishing the materials you’re going to use to build the patio is crucial because it helps you understand if you can stay within your budget or need extra funds. Also, consider the purpose of the patio when picking the materials because if you want to walk barefoot, you should stay away from materials with a rough texture or large joints. Concrete is a great solution when you have limited funds.

Strategic lighting is a must for outdoor spaces because they add beauty to the structure. Ask your contractor to recommend the best practices in picking lights and hire an electrician to install them. LED lights are a great solution because they are energy efficient and increase safety. Consult with your contractor if your patio needs post lights, moveable lanterns, or path lights. In case you decide to cover the space, you may also need overhead lights.

The takeaway
Approach the construction of a patio as you’d do any home construction project. A well-established strategy, patience, and creative thinking can help you create the perfect place for summer gatherings.

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