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What is a Bungalow? Types of Bungalow Houses

A bungalow refers to a single-story cottage with a small porch. It is typically a low roof and has a horizontal orientation. It provides easy access to all the rooms. There are many types of Bungalows, including a Ranch, Spanish bungalow, Chalet bungalow, California bungalow, prairie, etc. Several types of Bungalow houses are made according to different structural designs. They all possess different features and advanced techniques for a single-story basic structure.

It can consist of a one or half-story bungalow. They come in various styles. It provides more charm, luxury, coziness, and comfort to the people there. It originated from the small huts that were single-story in the 19th century in India. They were modernized into bungalows and then the first version of this bungalow was constructed in Bengal. Now, they are much in demand and come in numerous styles.

Types of Bungalow Houses

The following are the details of multiple bungalow houses catering to different people. People prefer to live according to their choices. So here is a detailed guide on types of bungalow houses.

Craftsman Bungalow
Craftsman Bungalow / Theresa Passive House / Forge Craft Architecture + Design

Craftsman Bungalow

These bungalows are connected by their design, attention, and craftsmanship. They offer several advantages to the people residing in it. These Bungalows possess enriched designs, including decorative woodwork, cabinets, and handcrafted elements that add much character and beauty to your home. You will be experiencing tremendous and professional craftsmanship while building these craftsman bungalows.

They are built using high-quality materials, including stone, bricks, or wood, giving your house a more aesthetic appeal. It also adds durability, contributing to the comfort of those residing here. Along with the design and craftsmanship, it also possesses a professional functional layout. It has practical flooring, open living spaces, and well-defined areas, making it more appealing and providing a comfy atmosphere.

Ranch Bungalow
Ranch Bungalow / Lampasas Ranch House by Jay Corder Architect

Ranch Bungalow

Ranch Bungalows is famous for its single-story layout. Their horizontal design provides access to numerous rooms in one home. They also offer convenience which makes them ideal for people having mobility issues. This type of bungalow house consists of open flooring and spacious rooms, which allow for more flexible designs. This design also has large windows for an indoor and outdoor connection.

Ranch bungalows offer openness and a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces. People can also customize these bungalow designs according to their choices and demands. It is also much in demand because of increased privacy because of everything on one level of the house. So, Ranch Bungalows are more functional and comfortable than any other bungalow designs.

California Bungalow
California Bungalow / Steffen Welsch Architects

California Bungalow

The California bungalows are very popular on the West Coast. They are very spacious, consisting of courtyards, cartouches, and verandas. They are a great blend of indoor and outdoor spaces, encouraging a social lifestyle and relaxing environment. As they are present on the West Coast, they are designed according to the climate adaptability of that place. California Bungalows are predominantly ventilated and allow much natural light to enter them.

They also exhibit a design that is spacious and open to the home. Along with the functional features in this home, it also provides an aesthetic appeal through the traditional elements placed in this type of bungalow. Overall, the layout of the California Bungalows can be customizable according to the customer’s demands. So they are best in functionality, aesthetics, and lifestyle, making them a perfect choice for a comfortable living.

Chalet Bungalow

Chalet Bungalow

Chalet bungalows mainly consist of a side room as well. It also has a loft. This bungalow type has a small living area, generally considered a one-story house. Chalet bungalows consist of a loft that is advantageous for people doing any type of separate activity or professional work. It is regarded as a profitable investment.

This type of bungalow is also referred to as a dormer bungalow. The roof of this house consists of extra space for living. It is entirely different from other types of bungalow houses. Most Chalet Bungalows have a garden attached to them, which is more attractive for those living there. It gives a sense of openness and maintains a soothing atmosphere.

The following table contains information about Bungalows you may find.

Type Stories Accommodation Characteristics
Traditional Bungalow 1 Usually 2-3 bedrooms Single-story, spacious verandas, pitched roof
Beachfront Bungalow 1 1-2 bedrooms Proximity to the beach, panoramic views, outdoor space
Cottage-style Bungalow 1-2 2-3 bedrooms Quaint structure, often with a thatched roof, cozy vibe
Hillside Bungalow 1-2 2-3 bedrooms Built on elevated terrain, offers scenic views
California Bungalow 1-2 3-4 bedrooms Low-pitched roofs, large eaves, spacious interiors
Chalet Bungalow 1-2 2-3 bedrooms Alpine architecture, exposed beams, cozy atmosphere
Craftsman Bungalow 1-2 3-4 bedrooms Handcrafted details, overhanging eaves, natural materials
Ranch Bungalow 1 3-4 bedrooms Single-story, extended, low profile, open floor plan

What is the difference between a bungalow and a villa?

The bungalow derives its name from Bengal, as it was initially the home of people with a relatively high social status in this region. It’s an isolated house, with spaces in front and behind and homes for servants. It’s built on several floors, so each family member has her own room. Unlike typical villas, it can have a private swimming pool, large outdoor spaces, patios, etc.

A duplex is very similar to a villa but is generally built on two floors, one with the living area and one with the sleeping area. The kitchen and living room are unique. Generally, despite having an extra floor, it is smaller than a villa, and the two floors have separate accesses.

A villa is a home that offers more degrees of independence than an apartment. It generally has an independent entrance, which directly overlooks the street, and between the road and the building, there is a space commonly used as a garden or car park. Typically, villas only have a ground floor, but obtaining additional floors with additions is possible if local laws allow it.

Bungalow houses are available in numerous styles, each with a unique feature. Many types of Bungalows include craftsman bungalows, which have been popular since the early 20th century and comprise the natural elements used in their construction. Spanish Bungalows are those that have a good exterior and tile roofs.

Chalet Bungalows are those that comprise a separate loft. All these and many other diverse designs are present in different bungalow houses. They provide a wide range of aesthetics and add much character to your space. It also caters to other people’s preferences.


Are bungalows appropriate for large families?

Ans. As they utilize a small space, they are mostly preferred for those families who are small and comfort-seeking.

What are some different architectural styles of bungalows?

Ans. Many styles are associated with bungalows, including Prairie, chalet, Spanish, Tudor, craftsman, etc. All these designs have specific features that make them more unique and exciting.

Can we add a second floor to any type of bungalow?

Ans. Yes, this is possible but it should be according to the legal regulations of a specific area. It also includes many structural modifications, and the owner has to get approval from the local authorities.

Are bungalows energy efficient?

Ans. Whether you make it energy efficient or not is up to your design. The single-story design of bungalows is very favorable for taking energy-efficient measures. You can use numerous energy-efficient machines, appliances, and greenhouse technology to make your space more energy-efficient.

Can we customize the design of bungalows?

Ans. Yes, they are entirely customizable. They have a straight and simple design, which makes it easier to customize of any kind. It is easy to renovate as compared to other types of complex houses.

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