Why is Andalusia One of the Most Prospective Regions for Foreign Investors?

Why is Andalusia One of the Most Prospective Regions for Foreign Investors?

Analyzing the international real estate market, foreign investors rank Spain as one of the most attractive destinations. But here, as elsewhere, there are more and less promising regions from this point of view. Andalusia is counted among the first. Apartments and villas in Andalusia are in high demand regardless of their footage and location. The area provides beneficial conditions to each house owner.

Andalusia is a warm, sunny region, with the capital in the city of Seville. This autonomy is the first in terms of population among the rest of the country and the second in terms of area. In addition, the region is rich in tourist attractions, which, coupled with the excellent climate, makes it very attractive for real estate investment. And not just at the level of Spain, but at the European level.

Regions of Andalusia to consider for real estate purchase

Andalusia is a destination of versatile landscapes. The local territory is diverse – high mountains, endless beaches, large modern cities and small cute villages. These and other unique features of the region make the purchase of a house, apartment or villa in Andalusia a good investment.

Here you can see the southernmost point of continental Europe (Cape Tarifa), as close to Africa as possible. In addition to the vibrant Spanish culture, the Arab culture is no less distinctive.

If you are planning to buy a property to rent, the almost year-round tourist season on the sunny Costa del Sol, Costa de la Luz and Costa Tropical is a good reason for choosing these areas of the region. Due to the mild climate the Andalusian coast is always full of tourists. A great number of visitors always beneficially influence the real estate market in terms of rent.

The Andalusian mountains and the capital of the autonomy Seville, remote from the beach resorts, are inferior in popularity to the sunny coast in terms of demand from foreign investors. However, the demand for Spanish real estate is not bad here. This is due to the abundance of interesting tourist sites and attractions, as well as great opportunities for business and the low cost of doing it. The latter also applies to non-residents: they also have access to grants and tax breaks, as well as local companies.

Why is Andalusia One of the Most Prospective Regions for Foreign Investors?

The advantages of buying property in Andalusia for investors

Foreign investors and future permanent residents focus on obtaining an appropriate housing unit suitable to their aims. Generally speaking, we can list the following benefits provided by the resort:
– Favourable prices for housing in all areas of the autonomy, including resorts;
– Analysts predicted increase in property prices;
– Possibility to get a residence permission after investing more than €500,000;
– Access to the European educational and medical systems;
– Possibility to explore the rest territory of Spain and Europe on the whole;
– The long tourist season;
– Comfortable climate;
– High quality of life;
– Well-developed infrastructure;
– Transport accessibility (more than 100 international flights to anywhere in the world from Malaga airport).

Previously, buying property in Andalusia was associated with another major advantage – the absence of the need to obtain a patent in order to rent an apartment or house bought. But since 2016, new legislation came into force. Now, as in other Spanish regions, it is necessary to obtain all the required documents. This is not a disadvantage, but a pattern common to all popular among foreign investors Spanish regions.

The search of real estate in Andalusia

Being a region of various architectural wonders, Andalusia appears one of the most prospective destinations in Europe. The opportunity to find and buy any type of property you want forces investors to open the website Spain-Real.Estate and start searching. The website represents all the possible types of developments with detailed descriptions and high-quality pictures. The database is constantly updated to get buyers aware of the current real estate offers.

Undoubtedly, property in Andalusia is a good option for investment: the value of the objects is growing, which means that if you want you can sell it later at a profit. A large part of the area is still being developed, which provides a rich selection of new properties.

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