Stradivarius pool, made out of love for the violin

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Stradivarius pool, made out of love for the violin

Amateur violinist and collector, owner of the pool from the images below, has requested to Cipriano Landscape Design to complete a project that would reflect his love and passion for the violin. The team made of Chris Cipriano, Keith Steinhoff, Dan Shea and William Moore is responsible for the customer’s dream that became reality by completing this “Stradivarius pool”. At the base of the pool there is one of the most complex projects in the field, which includes beside swimming facilities the surrounding landscape.

The pool has a spectacular aesthetics that gives it a great charisma regardless of the view you choose to see, from near or far. This “Stradivarius violin” underlies on a structure of concrete and steel, over which are glued more than half a million glass tiles, all being completed with amazing technical features. The pool is equipped with a heating system that makes it possible to use throughout the year. Also, it has embedded an underwater sound system with eight speakers that makes it possible to listen to music while you are swimming.

Stradivarius pool, made out of love for the violin

All the pool’s installations, lighting and settings are accessible wireless, directly from an iPhone. In case of this pool, the place where you rest your chin on the violin is a spa centre for 12 people made of black glass tiles and lightened with LEDs. The violin strings are made of translucent glass tiles embedded with 6,800 fiber optic strands. Each string can be individually controlled and synchronized to light up according to the music. The bow that intersects the neck of the violin is in fact made of two small koi ponds, provided with transparent acrylic panels, so that swimmers in the pool can see  the fishes directly. The pool is equipped with an installation that can pump 2,000 gallon/minute of water, imitating a quite enough fast river. The optic fiber surrounds the entire pool and together with the glowing strings on the musical sound, they form an enchanting image in the night, creating a dreamy ambient. For certain that the pool made by Cipriano Landscape Design represents a Stradivarius of pools.

Stradivarius pool, made out of love for the violin (7)

Stradivarius pool, made out of love for the violin (5)

Stradivarius pool, made out of love for the violin

Stradivarius pool, made out of love for the violin (4)

Stradivarius pool, made out of love for the violin

Stradivarius pool, made out of love for the violin

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