Renovation and Light – Everything in 20 sqm

Spectral apartment everything in 20 sqm

Renovating refers to restoring, repairing and remodeling an existing space. It is giving a new sense, a new design, and a new definition. We sometimes want to follow the need for change, for optimization, for ergonomics and to have a new and amazing home. Then, we call the designers and the architects! In the following case, the architects from Betillon / Dorval-Bory had to face two major challenges: a tiny space (only 20 sqm) and lack of natural light. They called this project Spectral Apartment as they created an exceptional distribution of light and a very interesting use of space, thus the little space became a modern and simply beautiful home.

A scientific parenthesis

When we talk about designers and architects, we think that they are very creative and imaginative. These are definitely their attributes, but science comes to help them as well. When designing the Spectral Apartment, the architects used the principles of distribution of light, by calculating CRI (The color rendering index, or color rendition index), to quantitatively measure the ability of a light source to reproduce the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source.

The architect Philippe Rahm used the qualities of light distribution of the geometrical shapes of the interior, using artificial light solutions to add to the sources of natural light and used white as a general theme. One of the most important elements of the interior is the alternation of high and low CRI. The solution was to put on one side an over 90 CRI lighting (940 fluorescent tubes) with a neutral color temperature (4000K) and  on the other side a warm light from low-pressure sodium lamps with zero CRI.

Spectral apartment everything in 20 sqm

Everything in 20 sqm

The 20 sqm space was transformed in a basic and modern studio having a double bed, a small bathroom and a nice kitchen. Space geometry and imagination, combined with brilliant use of light made a little marvel, comfortable and pleasant home to live in.

The stairs make a very nice and interesting detail that, except for the practical characteristic, they give a particular note of style. If you haven’t got a luxurious, large house to renovate, well even a tiny place may become a great space to live in!

Spectral apartment everything in 20 sqm


sink, stair

Spectral apartment everything in 20 sqm



Spectral apartment everything in 20 sqm

before renovation
Original space
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