2021: Trends in Design and Architecture by Sergey Makhno Architects

2021: Trends in Design and Architecture by Sergey Makhno Architects

This year we all understood one thing — life will never be the same as before. And our houses too. Here are our thoughts on what trends the next year will bring for design and architecture.

Trend 1: autonomous house with its garden and office
Gardens on the balconies, smart flower pots, autonomous home farms, underground plantations — greenery becomes an indispensable part of every home. Of course, you need extra equipment here: artificial phytoactive lighting, water, and air filtration scheme, soil fertilizer, but it is worth some fresh tomatoes.

2021: Trends in Design and Architecture by Sergey Makhno Architects

The cabinet will now be a must-have for every member of the family. If we already have to work from home, then in a separate room, not at the dining table.

Ukrainian product design

Trend 2: accumulation and availability of technologies
Leave all routine for machines — spend your time on important things. If now not everyone can buy the Smart Home system, modern technology will become more affordable and will help us with most of the household chores.

2021: Trends in Design and Architecture by Sergey Makhno Architects

Trend 3: change in the form of housing ownership (classic rent, shared housing, temporary exchange of housing, community housing)
Now it may sound quite unusual, but sharing a home is convenient and quite profitable. You can buy a house for two families and live in it in turn. Or buy land for several families and build your own mini-town. Land and real estate sharing is our future.

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2021: Trends in Design and Architecture by Sergey Makhno Architects

Trend 4: crisis architecture that reacts instantly
This trend is now just emerging. Crisis architecture will replace an adaptive one that responds to global changes gradually. A great example is the 600,000 stretchers that became fences in London after World War II.

2021: Trends in Design and Architecture by Sergey Makhno Architects

Trend 5: a new look at environmental friendliness
What is environmentally friendly for humans is not always eco-friendly for the planet. Safe paper bags actually do more harm to the planet than plastic ones. We predict that polymers will be replaced by “ecomers” — artificial substances that are safe for both humans and the planet.

2021: Trends in Design and Architecture by Sergey Makhno Architects

Trend 6: functional minimalism
It has remained unchanged for several years. Japanese minimalism is also about that. Basic wear-resistant, practical, and simple things will always be in fashion. The function dictates the appearance of products and the interior in general.

functional minimalism

Trend 7: self-expression through decor and art
Against the background of minimalism, people want to show their inner world thanks to modern art, grandmother’s vase, or carpet from a flea market. Art will be responsible for the personal accent in the interior.

decor and art

Trend 8: customization
Hello again “garage” American style of the 80s. Italian serial design and the Chinese mass market are being replaced by custom products — imperfect items made by hand and in a single copy.

custom products, sofa

Trend 9: locality
You buy Ukrainian product design for your house, put clay on your walls, and wear clothes made by local designers. This is your identification of the family, history, culture, and traditions of the place where you were born. And this is a good reason to be proud.

Ukrainian product design

Trend 10: change in the organization of cities
Cities are overloaded with cars, business centers, and people. Society will try to solve this problem in various ways, including by relocating infrastructure outside large cities. Companies will move their offices to towns near metropolises, thus distributing the load away from the city center.


Sergey Makhno Architectsstudio of Ukrainian architecture, design, and ceramics based in Kyiv working worldwide. Since 2003, they have been creating projects intertwining Ukrainian traditions, world trends, and the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, the forces of nature, human talent, and the architectural mind.

Serhii Makhno
Serhii Makhno


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