4 Common Types of Garage Doors You Need to Know

4 Common Types of Garage Doors You Need to Know

On top of the front entry doors and windows of your house. You also need to use the best overhead garage door to boost your home’s curb appeal. So if you are looking for a replacement or one for your new house, you have to buy an impressive type. The good news is that we bring for you some of the popular options that most people use today from which you can choose one. Dive in and learn about the 4 common types of garage doors you need to know.

1. Sectional Garage Door

This type is made up of various panel sections connected with hinges. When you open or close this garage door, the wheels on the edges of the panels’ role inside vertically on the sides of the door opening.

Moreover, the hinges between the panels bend in a curved portion. This allows the garage door to rest up parallel to the room’s ceiling when open. But when closed, it is in line with the walls.

A sectional garage door also has high-tension springs that hold it and prevent it from drifting down when partially open. It is mainly made from steel and its maintenance is easy.

2. Roll-Up Garage Door

A roll-up garage is more common in commercial buildings than residential and it is the best option if you have limited ceiling space. This type has steel slat sections that roll on a drum on top of your door opening.

Best of all, roll-up garage doors are built to support heavy usage and are popular for their high performance. Some can also be made without a spring which prevents corrosion, rust, and freezing and it is more expensive than the sectional door. It can easily be installed by the best garage door installation toronto company.

Slide to the Side Door

3. Slide to the Side Garage Door

This door type operates just like its name because it bends to one side of your garage and sits parallel to the wall. It is among the first garage doors to ever be used and was mainly used for garages with small headroom. The slide to the slide garage door is designed with flexible lower trolleys on which it runs. It doesn’t need balance springs but it has an in-built retractable motor that supports automated operations. So, no need for a ceiling-mounted operator.

Side-Hinged Door

4. Side-Hinged Garage Door

This is the traditional old-fashioned garage door you can swing open and close. It has two sides that are hinged on a frame side by side. The side-hinged garage doorfor homes is normally made of wood and resembles large barn doors. But the commercial types are made from galvanized steel.

There’s still more demand for these classic garage doors because they are best for garages with limited headroom or obstructions. They can also be automated if that’s what you need and you just have to talk to the supplier to fix the feature on the door.

Choose the Best Garage Door
Choose your favorite garage door and hire the best garage door installation company to fix it perfectly.

4 Common Types of Garage Doors You Need to Know

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