Mixing Retro with Modern: Tips for Implementing Retro Area Rugs in Your Modern Home

Mixing Retro with Modern: Tips for Implementing Retro Area Rugs in Your Modern Home

A house decorated with the elements of a contemporary home and the sophistication of the old-school decor looks marvelous. Suppose you want to give your home a minimalistic appearance, a farmhouse or modern look, or a bohemian feel. You can achieve this by adding some retro elements to it.

However, you need to make sure to stay on top while mixing modern and vintage decoration elements. Loud patterns aligned with massive vintage pieces may make your living space appear overblown.

There are numerous retro elements you can choose from when redecorating your house. In terms of furniture, you could go for those made of wicker or wood; for the decorative items, you could pick the ones that exude a bit of drama!

Adding a retro rug to a modern house is the easiest way to make your home appear as a blend of contemporary and old-fashioned styles! Here are some tips you need to follow when it comes to mixing retro with modern:

1. Add A Sentimental Value To The House

With the help of a retro rug, you can easily add a story to your house. If you want to add a personality to your home, you need to make it appear to have evolved over the years. Ask your parents; they may have a generational rug that will add to your home interior and grab your guests’ attention every time they visit you.

It won’t only be a sign of your sophisticated taste, but you will also have a great story to tell your guests. Adding elegance to the house is easier when you place a retro rug in the living space. A 70s rug would appear extremely delightful in a contemporary home filled with modern decor items.

2. Invest In A Persian Rug

If you can afford to splurge on an expensive decorative item, you should choose a Persian rug. These rugs are a little pricey, but once you have them, you will owe them forever!

Persian carpets ooze a retro vibe, adding nostalgia to the room you put them in. A significant characteristic of these carpets is that they appear retro yet modern, which makes them a fantastic choice for your home.

You can furthermore complement the Persian rug with contrasting bohemian plants. They add some liveliness to the space in the corner of the room. Alongside them, you would also have a few modern furniture items across the room.

3. Have A Few Animal Prints

If you understand the retro style well, you know that animal prints are quite common in them. You could opt for them if you want a quintessential old-fashioned rug, adding some spice to your living space.

Shaggy rugs that have animal prints on them are quite adored by decorators who prefer incorporating eye-catching elements into the homes they are decorating. If you have the budget to splurge, you can surely opt for a hand-knotted Persian rug.

Mixing Retro with Modern: Tips for Implementing Retro Area Rugs in Your Modern Home
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4. Create Some Layering

Want to add some warmth to the house while making it appear a bit retro? Go for some layering throughout the house. Vintage rugs that are small in size can be placed across the home in various spaces. This is a good idea, especially during the winter season.

However, at the same time, you need to be careful enough to ensure it doesn’t appear chaotic. Instead, it should blend in with the other elements of the home perfectly.

Have a few area rugs with thick textures placed at prominent places. Rugs with silky textures and unblemished surfaces look nice lying on the floor. They layer the area pretty well without appearing excessive.

Rugs with natural texture are also great if you want to have plenty of them across the home. In terms of texture, you have numerous options ranging from wool, fur, leather, and linen. Choose the one you can maintain and keep clean for a longer time!

5. Mix Boho Vibes With Retro Feels

Another great way to add retro vibes to a modern home is by adding some boho vibes to it through indoor plants and placing a retro rug right in the middle. This way, your living space will showcase the depth of old-school decor while simultaneously emitting carefree boho vibes.

6. Find a Balance

When it comes to mixing retro rugs with modern designs, another thing that comes to our minds is to add a balance in almost anything that has to do with patterns and colors. Acording to the interior designer Erin Williamson, your home should showcase your personality and display the things that you find meaningful and love. It is not supposed to be a complete mix of furniture, colors and patterns all at once.

You should add balance and coordinate the features to get the desired outlook. This way, you can incorporate fresh and exciting tones into the room, emphasize the importance of certain features and blend the modern with the antique.

For instance, you can add a vintage rug and find that composure of old and new, while implementing various lifestyles. You should consider that dark items and antiques shouldn’t be just floating on the wooden floors and make the room look inconsistent, rather than place them next to a light-colored wall so the room doesn’t feel crowded. Balance is all about adding proportion, so make sure to complement the features.

7. Implement Various Colors

One of the most challenging aspects when mixing modern with retro is finding the right colors and palettes. You need to figure out how to make styles to work together and retain a sense of cohesion.

Blending Your Retro Rug In The Modern House

The only thing you need to consider while blending a retro rug in a modern house is to avoid going over the top. It may make your home appear chunky rather than sophisticated. Alongside this, just try to merge without letting one element overshadow the other.

Mixing Retro with Modern: Tips for Implementing Retro Area Rugs in Your Modern Home
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