4 Contemporary Furniture Pieces For Futuristic Interiors

Modern interiors are all about minimalism and creating more spaces for recreational purposes. Furniture has become more than just a functional accessory in a new age home. It is also a work of art that reflects the personality of the homeowners.

Choosing the right furniture pieces can be a task because you want it to blend with the interiors while avoiding cluttering the space. Bold, eclectic statement pieces add to the overall appearance of a home. Colors are now being infused and more readily accepted by most designers.

We have boiled it down to four stand out pieces of furniture that you will most likely find in homes with striking interiors. Use this for inspiration when you are furniture shopping next.

Coffee Tables: Volcano Collection Brings Nature Closer
Coffee Tables: Volcano Collection Brings Nature Closer

Coffee Table
Designers have converted this normal piece of furniture into art with designs inspired by nature and ‘less is more’ concept. Clean lines, a distinct shape and colors in a coffee table can turn it into an object of admiration at your house parties.

A combination of wood, metal, glass, fiber in organic design for the top is trending in interiors where everyone wants a bespoke piece. You can customize the color and material to align with your needs.

Lollygagger Lounge Outdoor Furniture by Loll Designs
Lollygagger Lounge Outdoor Furniture by Loll Designs

Lounge Chair And Ottoman Stool
A lounge chair and ottoman have been classics for ages. Earlier they were inspired by the Roman Goth and Vintage designs. Post world war 2, all things minimal started taking the center stage. Lounge chairs with leather seats and layers of ply would be prefered over the heavy ornamental furniture which can now only be seen either in museums or palaces.

These two pieces of modern furniture are practical and comfortable. Opt for stand out leather patterns and colors with rosewood, walnut wood or metal and chrome finish for the base. You are sure to make a relaxing but refined space to read a book or enjoy an afternoon nap on a lazy Sunday.

Stephen Burks – DALA collection for Dedon
Stephen Burks – DALA collection for Dedon

Bar Console
Every tastefully done house boasts of a good bar counter. You can choose an all-glass shelf and table for your bar or go for a rustic public house theme with black metal and wooden accents.

Bar consoles have now entered the living areas of most houses. There should be a designated spot for entertaining your guests or pouring yourself a drink after a day’s work when you are too exhausted to step out. The bar table can also be converted into high dining for 6-8 people, a workstation for yourself. It is versatile, fun, stylish and an ideal place to sit and have great conversations while sipping on drinks.

Elastic Lights – collection of articulated ceramic lamps
Elastic Lights – collection of articulated ceramic lamps

Abstract Lights
Lights have taken a creative turn for the best. Modern light fixtures can make any interior look a lot more expensive than it actually is. Wall lamps, pendant lights, chandeliers and clusters are just some of the options for stand out lights.

You can create your own combination of lights for optimum utilization of your space, whether it is small or big. Artistic shapes and colors of frames can beautify your corners and walls pretty well. Pendant lights above the kitchen island or dining area are a great investment.

Interiors are a combination of aesthetics, personality, functionality and comfort. Every piece of furniture you choose is going to add to the entire feel of the space. It is easy to get confused as you are spoiled with fabulous options to choose from. We hope we could help with some of the decisions of buying the right pieces of furniture that you will be using for a long time.

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