How-To & Guides4 Interior Design Ideas to Make Your Rental Feel like Home

4 Interior Design Ideas to Make Your Rental Feel like Home

4 Interior Design Ideas to Make Your Rental Feel like Home

Everyone feels comfortable in their home, whether a rental or your own. Most people want their home to reflect their personalities. However, customizing a rented house is nearly impossible, as many landlords decide the extent of alterations that are allowed. Some will let rooms be painted or minimally modified as long as you restore the property to its original form. Here are a few decoration tips to make your rental feel like home.

1. Upgrade Your Old Furniture
One way to customize your interiors is by upgrading your furniture. You can always paint the antique furniture in modern colors if you prefer a rustic style. You can even design your entire home around the type of furniture you already have if you wish to keep your old furniture. Consider it the center of your comprehensive design strategy.

2. Paint the Walls
Walls are essential to a house because they instantly define the space. Adding color to your home’s walls gives it style and a homey feel instead of dull, monotonous vibes. Choose warm hues that will give your room a pop of color, such as post office red or yellow sunlight. You can also choose beige, blue, or gray if you want timeless undertones for your home. Don’t forget to note the original color of the walls because you might need to repaint the walls back once you leave.

You can also design the interior using a variety of temporary wallpaper. It is damage-free, comes in various designs, and you can replace them as frequently as you like. When decorating your walls according to your style, consider getting renter’s insurance to ensure some of your design ideas don’t conflict with your landlord’s policies.

3. Get Indoor Plants
Plants brighten even the dullest areas and are inexpensive to bring life to your rental house. You can display them on window sills, living rooms, and bathrooms. Plants have a fresh, appealing appearance and help purify the air and remove toxins. Remember to water them frequently and to put them in the sun once a week.

If you have a busy schedule and cannot care for plants, consider getting low-maintenance plants like money trees and succulents. You can also get cut flowers. They are easy to maintain and can be replaced as required. Flowers provide your home’s interior texture and color, making it look unique. Seasonal flowers can be found at lower prices and allow you to decorate your home according to the seasons.

4. Get Flooring Accessories
Flooring plays a significant role in your rental’s appeal. You probably can’t change the floor, but you can add some decorations to make it more attractive. Get rugs and carpets to cover dull flooring. These accessories are available in numerous styles and designs. You can choose patterned mosaic rugs for a modern look. If you prefer a traditional look, choose from oriental or victorian rugs. Whatever carpet you end up selecting will bring character to your house.

Your home should be where you can relax and unwind after a long work day and just be yourself, even if you are only temporarily staying there. A monotone house that does not manage your style may add more to your stresses rather than help you relax. Make your living space your own by adding practical, low-cost interior design ideas that match your style.

Palau Sator House / Arquitecte Rossend Julia Morera

The iron steel fountain has been designed in order to increase the feeling of privacy in the patio, and it is integrated in the natural stone wall. The main façade of the Palau Sator house is made with local natural stone and characterized by its openings framed with iron sheets and the predominance of vertical proportions.

OBITOVANA 5019: A Highly Topical Product Design Collaboration About Our Future

A workshop of Ukrainian design and architecture Makhno Studio in collaboration with a couture design studio Kofta in 2019 presented a collection of furniture and accessories OBITOVANA 5019

Apartment in Yerevan, Armenia / Futuris Architects

This apartment in Yerevan represents the modern and minimal practicality as well as functionality. Located close to the heart of Yerevan, Armenia, the clients specifically asked for a Scandinavian design and opted for a more simple yet sophisticated interior.

Reece Bathroom Innovation Award: Sanctus Project by Rene Linssen

Rene Linssen is one of the finalists at Reece Bathroom Innovation Award - BIA in 2014, a competition exclusively dedicated to design and specific bathroom supplies. Student at University from Canberra, concerned about physics, engineering and architecture

Four-Season Family Cabin in Southern Ontario by Ian MacDonald

This four-season family cabin is a response to the cultural heritage landscape of Go Home Bay, an enclave of Ontario’s Georgian Bay archipelago. An area immortalized by the Group of Seven with rocky outcroppings populated by white pines shaped by the west winds, the structure respects the landscape by disappearing within it.

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