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10 Crazy Creative Ideas to Showcase Your Bike at Home

10 Crazy Creative Ideas to Showcase Your Bike at Home
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The ten creative ideas to showcase your bike at home, discussed in this article are literally crazy.

Although these ideas are like peanuts among hundreds of DIYs available online and offline today, you can decide which one matches your creativity desires.

For many bikers these days, bike space is shrinking significantly due to smaller houses or not having spacious garages. To offer you easy solutions, we’ve curated ten DIY ideas that can play a vital role here.

So, let’s not waste any more time and get your hands on the following creative bike spacing ideas at home.

1. Pallet Shelf DIY

If you have an attractive and expensive bike at home, like one of those Specialized mountain bikes, you would definitely want to display them at home ergonomically and in a budget-friendly way.

Thus, the very first creative idea we can bring to the table is a pallet shelf DIY to showcase your bike at home. It’s one of the simplest yet prettiest storage options for bikes.

All you have to do is build two wooden pallet shelves and install them side by side on the wall. Keep space for storing books on one of the shelves while the other is flattened to hang your bike(s).

You can choose to fix these shelves in your spacious bedroom or study room or wherever you see fit.

Once done, decorate the shelves to your liking with books and stationery on one as well as your bike(s) on the other.

2. Wooden Bike Stand

If you can build a wooden pallet shelf to store your bike, then a wooden bike stand will be a piece of cake for you. Prepare a wooden stand that is angular on the up and two-headed on the bottom, just like a fork upside-down.

The topside must have a holding space on which you can hook the bike’s frame to hang it safely.

The best part of this bike stand is that you can place it almost anywhere in your house, be it your bedroom, garage, or in the middle of your home- the living area!

3. Cool Metal Stabs

One of the most stylish and coolest ways to showcase your bike pride is by hanging them on metal stabs.

The modern residential architectural designs allow you to fit one of these metal stab facilities, anywhere in your house.

When you hang your bike on the hooks of these metal stabs, you’re not only amplifying your home’s interior but also saving space.

4. Ceiling Hook or Hanger

You can consider the idea of hanging your bike on the ceiling with the help of a sticking hook or hanger. You can either make this ergonomic hanger by yourself or get it done by a mechanic.

Just make sure you mention the specific requirements with the handy guy building the hanger for you.

You may consider painting the ceiling to give your bike an attractive background contrast. Remember, hanging heavy objects on the ceiling using a hook needs to be installed properly, to prevent any accidents. So, make sure that hooks are sturdy enough to carry your bike’s weight safely.

5. Plywood Storage

Plywood storage can solve your bike storage problems instantly. Additionally, it allows you to showcase your valuable showpieces, crests, gears, and accessories on the plywood shelf besides storing your bike in it.

You can build this storage by yourself if you’re an expert in carpentry. Otherwise, you can go to the nearest carpentry workshop with your bike storage ideas.

It’s better if you have some catalogs with you to share your design ideas clearly with the carpenter.

10 Crazy Creative Ideas to Showcase Your Bike at Home
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6. Metal Stand

This is close to the wooden stand we discussed earlier, only the shape of this stand may slightly vary on the top.

You’ll need a set of tools at home to DIY. Or else, you can spend some money to get it done by a metal craftsman. Make sure you have strong hooks on this stand to set your bike steadily.

Do a cool paint job on it that creates a nice contrast with the background of the room, especially if you have neutral colors in your interior design.

You can keep this metal bike stand anywhere in the house and maintain it as a decorative piece among other interior objects.

7. Window Space

You may not find the optimum space in your house sometimes to store or showcase your precious bike. In this situation, you can utilize your window space.

The easiest way to do this trick is hanging your bike by its frame in the middle of two side-by-side windows. You can use a hook on the intersecting wall space between the windows to hang the bike.

This way, your bike will cover the two windows with its wheels, handlebar, and saddle. It’s best to match the space required (from tire to tire) to your windows before you start attaching hooks.

8. Wooden Wall Mount

Having a wooden wall mount to hold your lovely bike is a great idea to showcase your bike. Although it will take some wood artistry expertise to fashion and build such a beautiful mount to suit your room’s decoration, it’s worth a try.

There are different sizes, shapes, and designs of wooden wall mount for bikes. Hit the online stores to get some ideas on what type of mount you want for your bike.

Remember, having a stylish wooden bike holder of such designs will compromise some space in the room where you want to keep it. If you live in a shared space, you should check with your fellow housemates if this is something they approve of.

9. Metal Wall Mount

A wooden wall mount bike holder may take up some precious space in your room, whereas a metal wall mount can work as a nice alternative. Luckily, the metal mount will be a much smaller version of the wooden counterpart.

Hence, the cost of making any of the two types of wall mounts will be almost similar. However, the metal mount will save you a lot of space in the room where you can gladly hang your bike and other gears without interfering with the interior.

10. Wood or Fabric Panel Holder

The simplest way to showcase your bike at home could be using wood or fabric panels to hook and hang your two wheels.

All you have to do is mount two to three long and strong panels on the wall with adequate distances between them. Then attach some heavy-duty bike hanging hooks to the panels. Make sure to research well to buy the right materials for wall panels.

Final Thoughts
There are tons of ideas to showcase your bike at home, however, we’re sharing a few of them to give you an idea how to approach this problem. While budget houses are shrinking your bike storage at home, these brilliant DIY ideas can not only save space but keep your bike neat and tidy after riding.

You can always explore and improvise any DIY or decorative ideas we’ve shared in this article to suit your interior design quirks.

10 Crazy Creative Ideas to Showcase Your Bike at Home
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