How-To & Guides5 Old School Interior Design Trends Making a Comeback in 2021

5 Old School Interior Design Trends Making a Comeback in 2021

Sooner or later styles come back around and become popular once again. This rings true for music, clothing, hairstyles, and even the decor and design in your home. There are several old school interior design trends that are making a comeback today. If you’re wanting to update your home with a touch of the old, then this is the place to be!

Check out these five old school ideas that are making a comeback in 2021. If you’re ready to see what you can do, keep reading below!

1. Wallpaper

5 Old School Interior Design Trends Making a Comeback in 2021Wallpaper is truly making a comeback. This addition to your home is a great way to add texture, design, and color to a specific room. For example, wallpaper around windows can add a touch of elegance and style with an accent wall. This is a great way to bring the vintage look to your home without breaking the bank to do so.

There are many patterns and designs to choose from when it comes to adding wallpaper to the home. You can go as bright and colorful or as neutral as you wish. All of this is a great way to bring a touch of the old into the new. Wallpaper can be installed professionally or by you if you have the time. It’s a great addition to any room.

2. Vintage Materials

5 Old School Interior Design Trends Making a Comeback in 2021
Central Park West Apartment in New York City

The type of materials you use in the home can also add to the vintage aspect of the update. Natural materials are where it’s at. Try to avoid a lot of rock or stone additions to your home. This is more indicative of a modern style. You want to go with more elements of wood, and natural fabric colors. This helps bring the classic to your home without being too difficult to find.

3. Dated Furniture

5 Old School Interior Design Trends Making a Comeback in 2021Another unique way to bring the old school appeal to your home is with your furniture. You can find vintage pieces that were created in the 50’s or 60’s and update them to fit your room. These pieces are simply lovely when restored properly and added to a bedroom, living room, or even to the kitchen area. You can find a variety of vintage pieces in furniture stores, yard sales, and even thrift stores. With a little TLC and restoration, those pieces can truly take center stage in the room they are added to.

4. Vintage Pastels

5 Old School Interior Design Trends Making a Comeback in 2021
Painting Room With Hues Of Blue

Adding pastel elements can totally amp up the vintage style in a room. For example, consider adding in the colors with natural fabric pillows, an armchair, or the chandelier you choose to hang. These colors work with almost any style you have in the home already as you’re updating. It doesn’t take a lot to help you bring the classic trends to life when adding in pastel green, purples, or even soft pinks.

5. Antique Fixtures

5 Old School Interior Design Trends Making a Comeback in 2021
Apartment in Moscow

You can easily take it up a notch in the kitchen with your classic decor by upgrading your lighting fixtures. There are all sorts of designs that lend a vintage and classic touch. You can add chandeliers to the dining area, classic iron fixtures in the kitchen, or use wood for your ceiling decor.

You can also do this in your bathroom as well. Updating fixtures throughout the home is a great way to set the tone for your classic style.

5 Old School Interior Design Trends Making a Comeback in 2021
Architecturally Revived Haven by Yoko Kloeden Design

Vintage and classic are two words that are synonymous with elegance and decor. You can have a truly beautiful home while going back in time with your ideas. It’s an exciting prospect to consider all that you can do with bringing back the “old” days fresh and new.

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