Here Are 5 Things You Must Keep in Mind While Designing Your Bathrooms

A well-designed home needs to have a bathroom that blends well with the ambience and the aesthetic of the home. Bathrooms are one of the most significant rooms of a home and it is important to keep in mind to make it comfortable and functional to its fullest while designing it. It is essential to get everything correct and just the proper way it should be before the final launch. One should always keep in mind to check and double-check their requirements before putting in the final draft. Below are some of the things one needs to keep in mind while designing their bathrooms.

Tiles are the most significant part of the bathroom. It is important to select perfect tiles for both walls and floor as it contributes significantly to the bathroom design. While selecting tiles for the bathroom one needs to keep in mind for it to be the anti-skit ones to be safe, since it should prevent accidents when the room gets wet and slippery.

Photo Colourliving Showroom by Lim + Lu

For the wall tiles, one can choose any style they prefer according to the ambience one wants to make. One can use different colored tiles for each wall of the bathroom or even keep it classy and modern by going for the textured tiles.

2. Tapware fitting
People sometimes tend to ignore the style of tap they want in the washroom as it is comparatively small from other bathroom materials. It is one big misconception that it won’t matter to the ambience of the bathroom if one chooses to go with any tap fitting. It is a sure fact that if you use a vintage iron rusty tap for a modern-chic looking bathroom, it will tend to deteriorate the bathroom ambience and look overall. There are different tap fittings one can choose from for that modern usage and design.

One can choose from modern, minimalistic to elaborate tap fittings, depending on what aesthetic you’re going with in the bathroom.

designing your bathrooms / Vanity and Storage
Photo: Bathroom Furnishings Collection Inspired by Art Déco Age

3. Vanity and Storage
To keep the bathroom organised and clutter-free, it is important to have a proper vanity and storage space. If your bathroom is big enough, it is good to have a corner where one can have any type of storage unit cum vanity space, storage unit cum vanity space, where one can store the products below and get ready while looking in the mirror mounted on the wall above. What adds to the factor is a small basin, which can be utilised accordingly on the vanity unit itself. A well-mounted vanity that sits on the floor is always preferable for bathrooms

COCOON Bathroom

4. Towel rails
It is important to have towel rails in the bathroom to hang clothes, towels and so on. It is these minimal things that make a bathroom perfect and comfortable. One can choose the towel rail according to the aesthetic they are going for. It can vary from simple steel single or multi-layer rods to basic hooks behind the doors. It all depends on how one needs to use the rails and in what position they shall prefer it.

designing your bathrooms / Daniella Witte bathroom design
Photo: Daniella Witte bathroom design

5. Layout
The layout is what people tend to focus on more and it is the most important part of designing a bathroom. The layout of the bathroom should be done according to the space keeping in mind to choose the layout in such a way that it maximizes its functionality while utilizing the space.

Before finalizing the layout one should thoroughly research the plan and choose in such a way that it fits well with all the members who’ll use the bathroom. It is also crucial to keep in mind the budget and then plan accordingly.

Bath Project by Natasha Chibiriak / designing your bathrooms
Photo: Bath Project by Natasha Chibiriak

Additional Things to Consider
While working on building a home for oneself, people more often than not tend to forget that building a home does not come cheap. To invest in things one needs to focus on budget. It is always preferable to take home insurance while building a home. Home insurance helps one focus on the things they need without compromising on the budget or aesthetic and acts as a safety net for when things might go south.

It is good to plan and think before deciding on what one needs. There are many different styles of bathroom spaces that are totally in the market and architectural world. From modern to vintage to even an ecological friendly bathroom, there is no end to one’s imagination and ambience.

It is natural to have tough times when designing something that is close to home. For this one needs to sit down and think thoroughly about what they want and then finalize anything. From a purely functional space, these days, it is designed to be an aesthetically pleasing room for relaxation and pampering the mind and soul. Keep these tips in mind when designing a bathroom to get it near perfect.

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Photo: Splinter Works designers
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