5 Unique Architecture Projects from Students at the Academy of Art University

Architecture Projects from Students at the Academy of Art University

Architecture is known around the world as one of the hardest majors to pursue in college. It takes a lot of mental strength to cope with the stress that comes with handling multiple assignments and projects. At the same time, it requires a certain level of creativity and problem-solving skills to design buildings that are not only visually pleasing but also functionally sound.

The Academy of Art University’s architecture department is a highly respected one. The faculty employs leading and practicing architects to help their students explore what today’s architecture really means. Students are given a lesson in critical thinking, technical comprehension, and creating architectural concepts and visions.

As a result, students from their School of Architecture come up with unique and thoughtful projects every year that deserve to be seen.

Architecture Projects from Students at the Academy of Art University

1. Outer Mission Ramp Library – Yi Hsien Rachel Wang

This project is a great example to showcase how architecture is more than just pretty buildings. The student has designed a learning space, or a library, in a way that brings the community together. The structure is designed like a ramp that continuously rises and connects various functions with one another. It also creates new connections and relationships in a neighborhood that is presently separated. Residents can come together as a result of this intervention and not only study in casual and formal spaces but also socialize, work, entertain, and exercise. This project is a great lesson in positive architectural impacts on a community.

Pier 28 – Valeryia Haletskaya , Architecture Projects from Students at the Academy of Art University

2. Pier 28 – Valeryia Haletskaya

The Academy of Art University architecture department is known for helping students come up with creative ideas for real problems, and this project is no different. The student has used the concept of self-generating architecture in this aquarium and research center. By using certain artificial organisms that can grow into artificial limestone over time, the student aims to decrease the levels of carbon dioxide that are generated. These organisms are also meant to reinforce the structure of the building overtime in an attempt to mitigate the effects of storm surges.

A Living Architecture – Aishwarya Naida Bobbili

3. A Living Architecture – Aishwarya Naida Bobbili

When it comes to healing, architecture and interior design are often not given as much importance as they should. This academic project shows just how a building can become part of a serene natural setting to allow people to rehabilitate. Natural forms and elements like earth and plants have been incorporated into the form of the building to create a sustainable space. This project is a very good example of how biophilic design solutions can not only help with sustainable building but also aid in the healing of people.

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Urban Living Room – Zoe Qiaoyu Zheng

4. Urban Living Room – Zoe Qiaoyu Zheng

Much like the living room of a house, Urban Living Room creates spaces for collaboration and those for private moments on an urban scale. It brings people together for various activities while allowing them their own privacy by using creative solutions. The design of the structure/s responds well to light and wind while also creating stimulating views. Residents can decide to hang out with others or go into their personal spaces when they need to. This is quite a unique project that aims to figure out the right balance between public collaboration and privacy.

Kid of Parts – Collaborative Project , Architecture Projects from Students at the Academy of Art University

5. Kid of Parts – Collaborative Project

A group of five students came up with a set of furniture that is flexible and movable for the Bayview Commons Apartments. After conducting some research, it was found that the residents of this housing community wanted a flexible space that could be used for various activities by different age groups. The students, therefore, came up with furniture that could be modified into many configurations and offer opportunities for relaxation, play, and socializing. This is an excellent example of how our approach towards interior design as well as public space design should change, providing multi-use spaces to people of all ages.


The Academy of Art University’s School of Architecture is only one of many such academic institutions where famous alumni have gone on to work on amazing architectural projects that have changed the way we approach the subject. Despite being one of the most challenging school subjects to study, it remains one of the most creative and rewarding. And these five projects from the students of this college prove just how innovative their work can be when they let their creativity and passion run wild in a class where their teachers support them.

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