8 Overlooked Items You Should Definitely Take on Your Next Camping Trip

8 Overlooked Items You Should Definitely Take on Your Next Camping Trip

One of the most important things to get right when camping is ensuring you have all the right gear. If you forget something or do something wrong, your whole camping trip could be ruined.

Some camping essentials are on everyone’s list, but what about the things that people forget? We made a list of the top eight camping items that most people don’t think about to help you stay safe, comfortable, and happy.

You can use a knife or the small scissors that come with a utility knife that has a lot of different tools. But sometimes you need the size and strength only a pair of scissors can give you, so don’t forget to pack a pair.

Wet Wipes
Wet Wipes are a camping essential, whether you use them to clean your face and hands after a meal or to clean off your tent after it’s got dusty and dirty.

Camping Chair
You’ve planned out where you’ll sleep and packed your gear for your camping holiday, but what about the other 16 hours or so when you’re not sleeping? A camping chair is a crucial piece of equipment for many outdoor pursuits, yet it is often forgotten.

Portable Charger
There are a number of good reasons why a portable charger is a great thing to bring along on camping trips. We know you want to put down the phone and enjoy the great outdoors, but there are some good reasons to stay online while you’re out in the wilderness, and safety is just one of them.

Mini Fridge
You can take all your supplies in a cool box or similar, but will that be enough? The last thing you want is for your sausages to go bad and your drinks to be warm. Mini fridges are the ideal thing to take camping with you to save you this trouble. You can even get solar powered ones if you’re nowhere near an electrical outlet.

Camping Stove
Yes, you can cook your food over a campfire, and yes, that is fun. However, what happens if you can’t get the fire lit (or it keeps going out)? What happens if there are restrictions on campfires in the area you’re camping in? There is no occasion where a camp stove wouldn’t be the best and easiest option.

Although lanterns and torches are rarely left behind on a camping trip, it can be difficult to keep track of the batteries that power them. Carry a few spare batteries in case the lights’ power fails you.

Many people do carry a compact first-aid kit, but they often forget an essential tool: tweezers. They have a wide variety of applications, but they will prove extremely helpful when camping. Tweezers’ primary function is to remove splinters from fingers, which might happen a lot when working with firewood.

Final Thoughts
Camping is all about having fun and getting away from it all, but if you forget to bring important items with you, you’ll spend all your time wishing you were at home or missing out on the good times you could be having. That’s why it’s so crucial to make sure you have everything you need – it’s better to take too much rather than too little.

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