Best Wet Room Ideas For Those On A Budget

Best Wet Room Ideas For Those On A Budget

Let’s face it, owning a wet room is quite expensive, and that is understandable considering all the luxury and comfort it affords you. However, the urban design of Wet Rooms lends new definitions to ‘bathing in style, and that style can work with your budget. Here is an excellent guide to enjoying this trendy and convenient bathroom without breaking the bank.


Wet rooms are the new trend in bathrooms; the aesthetics of these rooms have made them the most desired bathing spaces for all kinds of houses. Between the luxurious look and the increased value they would add to your home, it is a surprise that you don’t have one already.

There is no way to overemphasise this; the pros and cons of wet rooms show you that making this ultramodern choice is not only about design but equally about function. However, you can’t deny that they are beautiful to look at and there are loads of other benefits you will get to enjoy. 

Best Wet Room Ideas For Those On A Budget


If you find yourself owning a smaller living space than you want, or you just want a quaint bathing space for whatever reason (style, privacy, or just because you can!) Fitting in a bathtub or a jacuzzi might be overkill, but you can never go wrong with this luxury wet room.  

There would be no trouble even if you had all the space in the world. A wet room would still fit perfectly without making the area look cramped or empty; it is amenable to the space you can make for it.


There is minimal maintenance required here; when you fit the room with sustainable materials, you will avoid the monotony of extra cleaning; a wet room that uses bathroom panels can be extremely easy to keep clean.

It is essential to get a professional plumber to help with the drainage and to consider the materials used are long-lasting and durable.

Best Wet Room Ideas For Those On A Budget


Enjoying these wet room advantages does not have to crush your credit limit; you can have the luxury of modern fixtures and accessories without having to buy the most expensive option. There is always a cheaper and equally durable way to have the luxuries you want.


Flooring your wet room with the best durable materials would save you many future expenses, especially when installing your wet room on a budget. Still, you can choose Vinyl over other flooring options, which may seem a less traditional choice, but it can make a wet room cheaper and more affordable. It is easy to install, it is waterproof, and it is CHEAPER!

Like other bathroom flooring options, Vinyl has various style options that would make your bathing space seem like out of a decor magazine.

Best Wet Room Ideas For Those On A Budget


Depending on the space you have, you may need to keep your wet room separate from the rest of the bathing space. We don’t want puddles all over the place.

Walled enclosures are suitable for large spaces; you can even work a spa atmosphere into it if you want. But if you are installing a wet room on a budget, a less imposing enclosure would save you the cost. Plastic screens are great options to screen your wet room away from the rest of the space, and their transparent views still give you a feel of being connected to the rest of the area.


There you have it, two critical fixtures of the wet room that would not drain your purse. But, of course, you can always add some other things as your budget permits as long as they are quality enough to save you high maintenance costs.

Best Wet Room Ideas For Those On A Budget


How safe are these wet rooms?

Wet rooms are safer than most of the other bathroom models. With proper materials and a little maintenance, you can enjoy your wet room without risk. Using non-slippery tiles or safer floor options like Vinyl also improve the safety of your wet room.

What type of Shower tray should I use?

First, wet rooms do not need shower trays. Shower trays are only used in shower rooms or walk-in showers. All you need is a properly installed floor with a drain.

Do I need to waterproof the whole bathroom?

Not necessarily. It is essential to waterproof the wall and floor of your bathing area to save it from water damage but nothing else outside it. You should also waterproof about 30 mm around the floor and wall of the shower area as a precaution. 

If you are worried about causing puddles outside the wet room every time you bathe, using a shower screen should be sufficient to restrict splashes from your baths. Curtains might help, but they are not the most viable option.

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