Apartment in Jaffa / Michal Stainfeld and Roni Dvir

Apartment in Jaffa

Michal Stainfeld and Roni Dvir have redesigned and furnished this 160 sqm apartment in Jaffa, Israel.

The structure is long and narrow with only one air direction. To maximize the amount of light and air, a large opening in the roof along with glass tiles ware placed. The first floor includes a guest room gallery, and the second floor bedroom, bathroom, and additional toilet.

Architecst: Michal Stainfeld & Roni Dvir
Collaborators: Amir Navon – Studio 6B, Michal Stainfeld & Roni Dvir
Styling: Einat Cohen
Location: Jaffa, Israel
Photography: Ginon Lavin

Apartment in Jaffa 2

Apartment in Jaffa 3

Apartment in Jaffa 4

Apartment in Jaffa 5

Apartment in Jaffa 23

Apartment in Jaffa 6

Apartment in Jaffa 19

Apartment in Jaffa 7

Apartment in Jaffa 8

Apartment in Jaffa 9

Apartment in Jaffa

Apartment in Jaffa 10

Apartment in Jaffa 11

Apartment in Jaffa 12

Apartment in Jaffa 13

Apartment in Jaffa 20

Apartment in Jaffa 15

Apartment in Jaffa 17

Apartment in Jaffa 18

Apartment in Jaffa 19

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