apbc offices in Kuala Lumpur by Dymitr Malcew

apbc offices in Kuala Lumpur by Dymitr Malcew (6)

Designer Dymitr Malcew has conceived the apbc offices in Kuala Lumpur with the intention to redefine the conventional office spaces, sometimes characterized by a  heavy and colder atmosphere. Dymitr Malcew tried to create a calming environment, inspired by nature, dotted by surprising decorative elements. Located in the bustling city’s main shopping, entertainment and tourism district, the new serviced office occupies the 16th floor of The Pavilion Tower at 10,473 square feet, incorporating natural materials to provide a comforting yet conducive working environment.

apbc offices in Kuala Lumpur by Dymitr Malcew (2)
The strong presence of the natural elements as decor makes you experience a new story at each corner. If you walk from one office to another, you get the feeling that you are walking among trees because the walls are lined with timber strips that simulates trees. The black office from the reception is carved of natural stone. The boardroom is decorated with pop-art red flowers, while the offices have butterflies as the main decorating theme. The offices are named after various species of birds. Overall, the apbc offices have a warm atmosphere, encouraging creativity and offering you a holistic experience.

apbc offices in Kuala Lumpur by Dymitr Malcew (3)

apbc offices in Kuala Lumpur by Dymitr Malcew (5)

apbc offices in Kuala Lumpur by Dymitr Malcew (4) (Custom)

apbc offices in Kuala Lumpur by Dymitr Malcew (1)

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