Marcelo Salum Unveils ‘As Rosas Falam Environment’ at CASACOR São Paulo 2024

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Architect Marcelo Salum is renowned for his unique ability to tell stories through architectural design. At CASACOR São Paulo 2024, he presents visitors with an experience full of meaning in the space owned by Duratex, the official sponsor of the exhibition. The environment, named “As Rosas Falam,” reflects the delicacy and strength of the feminine through flowers.

The Inspiration and Design

Salum draws inspiration from the golden ratio, a pattern found in nature, such as in the distribution of flower petals. He uses roses to represent this proportion and transforms their essence into a spatial narrative. This narrative echoes the complexity and subtlety of the feminine. As a tribute to the iconic song “As Rosas Não Falam” by singer and composer Cartola, the environment interprets the feminine, showcasing strength in softness and delicacy.

Salum shares, “Since I was little, I have always had a strong connection with women and the strength of the feminine side of being. Although it may appear delicate, in essence, it is extremely powerful. Women are the stronger sex. This space honors all women who often do not take their rightful place in our still very patriarchal world. It reveres the feminine, the mother within all of us.”

Role of Duratex Panels

Duratex panels play a fundamental role in this scenario. The Bétula pattern from the Thera line, part of the Harmonia collection, surrounds most of the space like a petal embracing the floor, wall, and roof. For the floor, the product was specially adapted for the occasion, transporting visitors to a new universe.

Harmonia Collection and Interior Design

The Harmonia collection’s patterns, Blush, Deep Blue, and Solar Ochre, lend their authentic and engaging color palette to add layers of serenity and warmth. Each space, from the kitchen to the balcony, features Duratex products known for their excellence and innovation. The Harmonia collection combines balance, peace, and nature, elements found in the contemplation of flowers and the feminine essence.

Celmar Móveis, in partnership with Duratex, executed the carpentry space using exclusive MDF. Líder Interiores launched pieces by renowned designers like Estúdio Fresa, created by Marcelo Salum and Frederico Cruz. Bamboo and straw furniture by Alex Cerello and rugs by By Kamy add elegance to the space.

Antique Furniture and Landscaping

The office features antique furniture from Galeria Teo, offering pieces from various decades and styles. Monica Costa’s landscaping, both internal and external, invites visitors to contemplate a rose garden. Aline Matsumoto’s delicate arrangements permeate the environment. In the bathroom, new products from the Ceusa brand and the Italian Days collection of ceramic tiles, created with the SOUQ brand, add to the design.

Artistic Contributions and Decorative Elements

Every detail immerses visitors in the narrative. Works of art and decorative pieces play a fundamental role. Galeria André contributes sculptures, while Galeria Millan and artist Mariana Palma enrich the environment with works in voile, pencil, and watercolor. Photographs by Guilherme Licurgo and paintings by Paulo Von Poser highlight the artistic contributions. Galeria Eduardo Fernandes provides works by Mai-Britt Wolthers, Rosana Nada, and Bruno Passos. Other notable artists include Carolina Kasting, Elizabeth Jobim, Célia Euvaldo, and Nazareth Pacheco. Sculptures by Monica Piloni, embroidery by Mucki Botkay, and works by Gustavo Von Ha add depth to the space. Claudia Liz, Denilson Machado, and Salvador Cordaro also contribute their unique creations.

Furnishings and Technical Details

Deca supplies all crockery and metal, while Ladeira Martins provides bathroom mirrors and circulation areas. Casa Riachuelo offers bath and decoration items, and Quen Books supplies the books. Lucenera designs the lighting, with technical luminaires and decorative pieces by Cris Bertolucci, including the Tulipa pendant. Uniflex custom-made the curtains, RF Áudio e Vídeo managed the sound system, and Alarmbr installed the surveillance system.


Patrícia Cisternas, Marketing Manager at Duratex, concludes, “The Duratex space at CASACOR São Paulo 2024 celebrates the beauty, harmony, and strength found in the delicacy of roses and the feminine within us all. This union is elevated by the carefully chosen products and the excellent work of architect Marcelo Salum.”

living room

Ca Rosas Falam Environment by Marcelo Salum at CASACOR SP 2024

dining room

Ca Rosas Falam Environment by Marcelo Salum at CASACOR SP 2024

Ca Rosas Falam Environment by Marcelo Salum at CASACOR SP 2024




Ca Rosas Falam Environment by Marcelo Salum at CASACOR SP 2024


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