Casa Coral by Paola Ribeiro at CASACOR São Paulo 2024

Casa Coral by Paola Ribeiro at CASACOR São Paulo 2024

Project: Casa Coral
Architecture: Paola Ribeiro
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Area: 150 m2
Year: 2024

Paola Ribeiro, one of Brazil’s renowned interior designers, presents her seventh participation in CASACOR São Paulo with the “Casa Coral – Lugar de Afeto” project. This environment, created for the 2024 edition of the show, reflects the theme “From the present, the now.” The exhibition runs from May 21st to July 28th at the iconic Conjunto Nacional on Avenida Paulista. The space aims to be a beacon of welcome, comfort, and safety, thereby embodying the essence of home as a refuge.

Design Concept

Casa Coral harmonizes with this year’s CASACOR theme, emphasizing the importance of a home filled with affection. According to Ribeiro, “A home with affection shows us how essential it is to continually build, on a daily basis, a safe haven, nourished with love, memories, and examples that take us back to that place we grow fond of and identify as home.” Inspired by this emotional baggage, the project integrates architectural components that evoke comforting memories, such as exposed beam ceilings and painted paneling reminiscent of grandmother’s houses.

Project Features

Memory and Modernity

Ribeiro’s project, titled “Memories,” aims to evoke warmth, welcome, and well-being through items inherited from family, combined with modern art. Contrasts are evident throughout, with custom-designed furniture like the checkered coffee table in white iron and marble, created by Guandu Mármores.

Kitchen and Antique Elements

The kitchen, designed by Ribeiro’s office and executed by S.A Móveis, features antique dishes and teapots passed down through the family, thereby evoking affection. Moreover, kitchen countertops and the dining sideboard are made from Dekton Awake by Cosentino, adding a modern touch to the nostalgic elements.

Color Palette

The project uses the 2024 Color Futures palette by AkzoNobel, featuring a variety of greens, Vibrant Marine Blue, and earthy tones like Presente Romântico and Terra Prometida. Furthermore, large colorful porticos mark the passageways, while a hollow bookcase in the living room divides it into a fireplace area and a TV room.

Romantic and Comfortable Spaces

Romantic elements create a feeling of comfort in Casa Coral. The classic iron canopy bed, designed exclusively for the space, combines with a variety of prints. Floral prints, Toile de Jouy, and striped walls and ceilings create a dynamic contrast. Additionally, the floral rug and other pieces from Phenicia also add to the room’s charm.

Furniture and Lighting

The furniture mixes contemporary and antique pieces, thus creating a house full of stories. Highlights include antique furniture by Juliana Benfati and AD Estúdio, dining chairs from +55design, and other pieces from Novo Ambiente. Additionally, lighting, designed by Maneco Quinderé, features a mix of modern and retro lamps, adding a unique touch to the space.


Colorful and distinct works of art adorn Casa Coral. Highlights include Mucki Botkay’s vibrant embroidery, paintings by Heberth Sobral and Fernando Leite, and photographs by Ana Quintella and Erica Bernadeli. These pieces add depth and character to the environment, enhancing its welcoming ambiance.


Paola Ribeiro’s “Casa Coral – Lugar de Afeto” at CASACOR São Paulo 2024 is a masterful blend of nostalgia and modernity. The project emphasizes the importance of a home filled with love and memories, creating a refuge that reflects the central theme of the exhibition. Through thoughtful design, carefully selected materials, and a harmonious color palette, Ribeiro has created a space that invites visitors to experience comfort, warmth, and affection.

living room

living room

living room

dining room

Casa Coral by Paola Ribeiro at CASACOR São Paulo 2024

Casa Coral by Paola Ribeiro at CASACOR São Paulo 2024



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