Bathroom Redesigning Ideas for Making a Stylish and Maintenance-Free Bathroom

Do you wish for a modern bathroom like the ones you see in magazines and over the internet? Keeping it clean, stylish, and organized is a challenging task, that’s why we are here to help. With some amazing shower enclosure ideas, you can change the look of your bathroom.

If you want to know the renovation tips for your dream bathroom room, you are in the right place. Here are some bathroom redesigning ideas for making a stylish and maintenance-free bathroom.

1. Use Stylish Wall-Mounted Readymade Glass Cabinets for Hiding Bathroom Items

Bathroom Redesigning Ideas for Making a Stylish and Maintenance-Free Bathroom

Do you know what makes the bathroom look unorganized? Clutter and bathroom accessories placed on sink and baskets are the key problem. The big question is how to keep everything in place?

Well, a glass cabinet is the best solution for this situation. A stylish wall mounted glass cabinet can keep your things in place and hide the accessories. Moreover, the multi-functional cabinets come with a mirror, so you can use it instead of a traditional mirror.

The bathroom looks cool and elegant with this compact addition. However, you can choose your favorite glass cabinet from a variety of options. Some models even have LED lights for an enhanced look. So, choose whatever style suits your bathroom setting and enjoy this maintenance-free option for holding bathroom essentials.

2. Replace Shower Curtain with Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Bathroom Redesigning Ideas for Making a Stylish and Maintenance-Free Bathroom

If you are planning for a complete modern revamp, why not consider getting rid of the shower curtains. Install a trendy frameless glass shower door for a modern vibe to the bathroom. Shower door installation gives a spacious and light look at that space.

There are different styles of frameless glass shower doors. We are discussing some popular shower enclosure ideas styles to suit your requirements,

Corner shower door/enclosure

Bathroom Redesigning Ideas for Making a Stylish and Maintenance-Free Bathroom

This one is the economic option as it stands on the support of two side walls. Therefore, if you have a small bathroom, a corner shower enclosure would be suitable.

D-shape shower enclosure

These are very popular in new buildings and homes. Again, this is a sleek and compact design, suitable for small bathrooms.

Door options

Bathroom Redesigning Ideas for Making a Stylish and Maintenance-Free Bathroom

While choosing shower enclosures you can choose a sliding or a fixed door. If you want a trendy look, go for the sliding door. It saves space and offers a stylish look.

Otherwise, you can also install a hinged door, which opens outwards. Another option is a bi-fold door, which folds into the shower area offering space to move inside or get out.

Variations in glass types

Bathroom Redesigning Ideas for Making a Stylish and Maintenance-Free Bathroom

Glass shower doors are available in different types of glass. The simple one being the clear glass option, which is mostly preferred by homeowners.

However, if you like a bit of texture and added privacy in the bathroom, you can go for the frosted glass enclosure. It is easier to maintain as the marks and stains don’t get prominent on the textured glass as compared to the clear glass shower enclosure.

3. Replace Traditional Faucet and Shower with an Automatic Faucet and Shower

Bathroom Redesigning Ideas for Making a Stylish and Maintenance-Free Bathroom

Another idea to glam up the bathroom is to replace the traditional faucets. Add a classy wall-mounted automatic faucet as it’s a trend these days. Choose the model with proximity sensor as it automatically turns on when you bring your hand under it and turns off when you pull your hands back. On the other hand, it is an efficient and hygienic addition as it prevents touching and spreading of viruses like COVID-19.

For the shower area, an automatic shower can be installed. To elevate the bathroom experience, buy a digital automatic shower for a hassle-free shower experience. You can also choose a shower tower or a concealed shower for having a smart addition to the shower enclosure. These shower styles take minimum maintenance and the automatic option would offer a spa-like experience.

4. Installing an Exhaust Ceiling Fan

Installing an Exhaust Ceiling Fan

To keep the unpleasant odors away from the bathroom, an exhaust ceiling fan is the best option. It keeps the bathroom ventilated and keeps the mirror fog away. It also reduces the humidity in the bathroom. Overall, an exhaust ceiling fan is a superb addition to the stylish and maintenance-free bathroom.

5. An Automatic Air Freshener

Automatic Air Freshener

Do you hate the gross smell every time you enter the bathroom? Are you looking for a modern upgrade to get rid of the problem? An automatic air freshener will do the job for you.

Air fresheners are available in a variety of scents that keep your bathroom smelling fresh all day long. You can choose different scents like floral or tropical ones.

The automatic air freshener device automatically releases the air-freshener and keeps the unpleasant odors away. It needs a refill after a few days so you can get a new scent every time.

6. Modern Lighting

Modern Lighting

Outdated lighting fixtures offer a boring look to the bathroom décor. Replace them with modern lights to transform the look. If you are looking for energy-efficient stuff, LED lights are the best stuff for the bathroom.

LED lights are energy-efficient and don’t add extra heat to the bathroom. Upgrade the lighting so that the bright light allows you to see the new changes and enjoy the final look.

7. The Final Touches

final touches to the bathroom

Now it’s time for the final touches to the bathroom. The major stuff is already done and it’s like tying a bow to the gift! Here are some extra ideas to complete the look of your freshly redesigned bathroom and turn it into an inviting space.

● Add a wastebasket
● Replace the soap dish with a new one
● Get new towels that match the interior of the bathroom
● Bring in a ladder for holding the towels
● Add some cute indoor plants for a nice look

Wrapping it up

To sum it up, bathroom remodeling is an important step that saves your time and money in the long run. The bathroom should not be a relaxation spot, it should be an easy-to-maintain space that will allow you to enjoy years free of hassle. We have shared some amazing tips to redesign your traditional bathroom and turn it into a stylish and maintenance-free bathroom.

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