Stilt House by B. HOUSSAIS Architecture

Stilt House by B. HOUSSAIS Architecture

Project: Stilt House
Architects: B.HOUSSAIS Architecture
Conception:Blandine HOUSSAIS, Nicolas LE GLAS
Environmental Consultant: B3E
Location: Pleumeur-Bodou, France
Area: 144 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Pascal Léopold
Text by B.HOUSSAIS Architecture

The house volumetry, its position raised off the ground, its simplicity, its transparency, the choice of materials (grey aluminium joinery, vertical glazing and wood siding, natural wood screen wall), are a drive to create elegance and a light feeling.

Stilt House by B. HOUSSAIS Architecture

The Stilt House is a well-glazed belvedere facing the sea; Furthermore, its position in relation to the limits of the lot and neighbouring houses, and its implantation in the background of the street rue des Plages and behind, the mound of ferns protect the house from the vis-à-vis / building opposite and let the house blends discreetly into the landscape while enabling residents to fully see the sea. The housing is located on the first floor, above a small office, and is accessible via a galvanized steel staircase.

steel staircase, B. HOUSSAIS Architecture

The foundations are laid using 12 piles screwed in the sand; the ground stays completely permeable to water; a soak pit reprocesses rainwater; framing and siding are in untreated Douglas or raw okoumé panels downstairs, external insulation in wood fibreboards; tiles are in wood and oak parquet flooring cover the floors; triple-glazed wood and aluminium fittings. Solar panels preheat domestic hot water and there is a double-flow ventilation system; only towel rails occasionally heat the bathrooms.

Stilt House by B. HOUSSAIS Architecture

The primary structure is in galvanised steel, for savings on raw materials and optimal resistance reasons. The secondary structure is built using wood frames, and includes the tiles of the ground floor, of the second floor, and of the panoramic terrace; a large curtain wall facade with wooden thorns and aluminium shell faces the sea and turns as gables. The external carpentry is triple-glazed. A galvanised steel staircase leads upstairs to the inhabited floor and the terrace; Balanced ventilation and solar boiler.

kitchen, B. HOUSSAIS Architecture

Stilt House by B. HOUSSAIS Architecture

interiors, B. HOUSSAIS Architecture

bedroom, B. HOUSSAIS Architecture

bathroom, B. HOUSSAIS Architecture

Stilt House by B. HOUSSAIS Architecture

Stilt House by B. HOUSSAIS Architecture

Stilt House by B. HOUSSAIS Architecture

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