Restaurant Interior DesignBoutique Coffee Shop by Liat Eliav / Israel

Boutique Coffee Shop by Liat Eliav / Israel

Boutique Coffee Shop by Liat Eliav Israel (1)

“Rothschild 62” is a boutique coffee shop located on Rothschild Street in Rishon Lezion, Israel, planned and designed by Liat Eliav.

The coffee shop is located on a main street, which is full of different types of restaurants. Therefore the aim of the project was to create an impressive facade facing the street, urging people to stop and say: “This is the place I want to drink my coffee”.

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The challenge was to create a unique urban coffee shop within 24m² of interior space and 20m² of exterior space.

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The space has been designed in a way that will make the customers feel that they are within a coffee shop during the day, and that they are in a nice bar at night. The materials, the colors, the lighting and the seating were therefore planned and selected very carefully.

Boutique Coffee Shop by Liat Eliav Israel (4)

Simple pine combined with black color to create a significant contrast. Dimmable coal bulbs were chosen in order to increase the warm and the cozy experience in the evening. The bar tables and the stools were placed inside, while the low tables and chairs were placed outside.

Boutique Coffee Shop by Liat Eliav Israel (7)

Texts played a major part in the concept of the entire place. In order to simulate a chalkboard, the right wall was painted dark gray and each letter was placed separately to create an organized and tidy look. The logo was designed in the spirit, long and narrow forms reflecting the interior and exterior spaces of the coffee shop altogether.

Boutique Coffee Shop by Liat Eliav Israel (5)

The use of greenery is an integral part of the design, creating a pleasant and welcoming ambience. Each element has been given much thought. The light fixtures and the planters were custom-made, hanging from the ceiling on steel cables. Three-dimensional bar constructed from boxes units facing a different direction and constituted of different levels. All images by Yoav Peled // Peled Studios Courtesy of Liat Eliav 

Boutique Coffee Shop by Liat Eliav Israel (3)

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