Building the Ultimate Mountain House

Building the Ultimate Mountain House
Plan Ultimate Mountain House

Why live in a Mountain House?
Mountain houses are one of the most adventurous places to live in. They make you feel close to mother nature’s heart. The vast expanses and closeness to the sky wash your spirit clean, making you realize that time spent elsewhere was time wasted.

You can feel Robert Frost’s tranquility first hand in your mountain house. To have the perfect abode in a mountain house, you need some perfect ideas like these mountain house plans that could get you started living your dream immediately.

Building the Ultimate Mountain House

Specifications of Mountain Houses
For custom mountain homes, there are some necessary inclusions to consider. These specifications are important to evaluate while preparing the budget of your mountain house. These are:

Many costs incur just because you choose the wrong location. It’s important to choose a location that has a minimum slope, or else your water well might cost you more than anticipated.

 Generator and Power system
It is essential to evaluate the generator system for your power outages. You also have the option of underground power all the way from the road to your house. The costs depend on the distance of your location to the main road. It is important to stick close to the main road for convenience on other utilities as well.

Building the Ultimate Mountain House

 Clearing the landscape
Another important first-hand task includes clearing away the location for your mountain house to be built. You have to make arrangements for cutting trees, remove stumps, dirt filling, or dirt removal. Costs also depend upon the on-site rock quality you are dealing with.

The drainage system in your mountain house has to be efficient. You do not want to deal with a flood in your house. Also, the weather in the mountains is unpredictable. You need to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

 Erosion Control Measures
You wouldn’t want your precious mountain house to slide away, for that erosion control measures should be taken mandatorily. Take advice from experts regarding erosion control on steep slopes.

Woodworks are an essential highlight of a mountain house. The following wood detailing needs to be taken into account.

  • Hardwood flooring
  • Wood and metal clad windows
  • Furniture
  • Conventions timber frame
  • Paneling on walls and ceiling
  • Handcrafted timber stairs
  • Deck, porch, patio
  • Roofing wooden material
  • Doors

Building the Ultimate Mountain House

Stoneworks make your mountain house sturdy and durable. Some of the essential stone works you need to add are

  • Stone foundation
  • Kitchen counters
  • Multiple fireplaces or wood stoves
  • Stone chimneys/stucco chimney

How to Build a Mountain House
Building a ultimate mountain house is a challenging task. The most important thing you need to do is excavating and filling the land. Following is the step by step procedure for constructing a mountain house:

Laying the Foundation
Laying the foundation is the foremost task. There are two methods of laying the foundations. Either you level the ground to lay your foundations or perch your house onto wooden or steel column support. Choose a less inclined slope as 10% inclined slope is ideal, 11 to 15% is considered moderate, whereas 20% is considered steep and very expensive to construct.
Foundation is the most important and expensive. Only the cost of laying down a foundation is more, as compared to the construction of an entire house on a plain.

Build a Mountain House

Construction in sequential order
The first step in construction is blasting rocks to level out the surface. Next comes budgeting all your expenses. You should keep the budget lower than your savings as unexpected costs may also rise in building a house on the mountain.

Water Drainage
It is important that you have a proper solution to your drainage and seepage problem. Rainwater should be directed away from the house. Walls must be waterproof.
Install a pump if your sewage line is uphill. Use blocks to slow down the flow of water.

Type of location Soil
Having the right kind of solo is important so that it retains the weight of your house. Sand, Silt, and gravel are the best kinds to sea with. They drain well and can bear heavier loads. Clay soil can prove to be a problem and awake your foundations.

Access to the construction site
It’s important to choose a construction site near the main road so that your material transportation cost doesn’t increase too many folds. Uphill transportation costs a lot.

Building the Ultimate Mountain House

Preserve the beauty of the EcoSystem
The construction process can be pretty intimidating and destroy the natural beauty of your surroundings. Make sure you preserve the natural beauty of the surrounding areas. Especially plants that help you out in preventing erosion.

Use Readymade House Plans
Designing a house from scratch may prove to be very arduous. You could easily get available pre drawn house plans which aren’t only made by professionals, and every detail has been accounted for, but these are less expensive, you save money, and you couldn’t go wrong with them as they are tried and tested

Additionally, there are many designs to choose from that could be just right for you. Therefore, pretty drawn house plans are the smartest option to opt for.

Build a Mountain House
Plan Ultimate Mountain House
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