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Children Rooms for Girls and Boys

children dreams room

Each of us is unique and this is something we learn since the beautiful age of childhood, when dreams and reality mingle to create a personal universe.

Decorating a child’s room is a challenge and the designer should definitely inspire a taste for beauty, for elegance and to underline the importance of a strong personality. Every child dreams to have a unique room. Children rooms must be reflecting their own interests and personality. In the same time nowadays children, just like their parents, have plenty of objects and personal things and their room should combine the aesthetical with the functional. All these are brilliantly taken into consideration by the team of designers from Çilek (a/n in Turkish it means “strawberry”).  Çilek’s products are exclusively dedicated to children and teenagers and, as you may see from the images bellow, are simply amazing! The furniture produced by Çilek is imaginative, colorful, but is also functional and of a high quality, in the same time respecting safety standards that are essential when speaking about a choice for a child. The child’s room is a personalized corner of the universe where his/her dreams, interests, idea, expectations and desires, in one word – his/her personality, should be reflected. From a baby to a teenager, the little person will express his/her uniqueness. A princess, a model, a pirate or a racer … let your child guide you!

children rooms

When every girl wants to be a princess…

Çilek, just like the touch of a fairy, fulfills this desire by especially dedicated rooms where delicate pink, pearl white and sea blue mix to define a fairytale dream. Nothing is forgotten – from carpets to curtains, bed, and wardrobe, study desk, dresser – all in harmony, all feminine and sweet for our princess!

pink room

When our boy wants to conquer the seas…

What would be more adequate for tomorrow’s strong man than a tough pirate room? Inspired by The Pirates of Caribbean, Çilek’s room for a boy is a real joy! Every detail fits the story and imagination does the rest …

children rooms

When we all wanted to have a car …

Nowadays boys and girls, they all want to have a car… one day. Çilek understood this desire and created incredible beds that look like cars. Wouldn’t it be great for your child to sleep in the car? As adult as it may sound, well the beds looking like cars from Çilek will definitely be adored by children. If you don’t believe me, give them one and you will see!

The bohemian and the chic come together in Çilek’s work that surprise and delight children from all over the world!

car room for child

pink room for girl

black-pirate- boys room

black-pirate- boys room 1

corner of the univers for child

corner of the univers for child 1

beautiful room for child

corner of the univers for child 2

cupcake room for girls

cupcake room 2 for girls

cupcake room 3 for room

children rooms

biconcept- children rooms

children rooms - car room for boys

marin room for boys

sailor room for boys

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