Mountain Cottage Perfect for a Wonderful Holiday

The perfect cottage

It is well known that a house should fit the environment and please allow me to introduce an impressive exposure of this principle- mountain cottage of TKP Architects!

I have written before about a house in the forest, this time I look for words to describe this amazing project. A little architectural jewelry, the cottage designed by TKP Architects is like a poem dedicated to stone. It has something of a childhood fairytale, a welcoming atmosphere that seems unreal. I have to admit that it reminded me of the Flinstones as well, of a Stone Age that we all somehow guard in a genetic memory.

The perfect cottage

So let’s follow the alley to this beautiful cottage! The curbed lines, mixed with clear ones, give an impression of stability, but in the same time of warmth. The backyard with chaise longues and grill inspire relaxation, comfort and invites you to try the pleasure of preparing your own meals, directly on the fire, in the middle of the nature, just like our ancestors used to. The color of the sashes, of the roof and the doors harmonize with the color of the stone. The sliding backside doors are made of glass and allow lots of natural light and invite to the contemplation of the forest around the house. As a touch of style, I liked the round windows that give a distinguished impression.

The montain cottage

After being charmed by the exterior, the interior of the cottage leaves an even better feeling, in a heart that is always looking for beauty and peace. Basic, classical, I would say almost vintage looking wood furniture, combined with matching modern and comfortable chairs and nice double beds are the details that made me love this house! Would you imagine a mountain cottage without a crackling fire? Well, there is also a nice fire place to invite to a romantic night in this welcoming cottage!

perfect cottage

The cottage has a bathroom covered in mosaic, like ancient palaces. I found this rather nice as it underlines the idea of how privileged one can feel to enjoy this house at least for a holiday!
The interior space is intelligently separated, so that it leaves place for privacy, for work or study, or for simply reading a book in front of the fireplace. I have also noticed the beautiful handmade rural carpets and clay plates that complete the ancient atmosphere. Please let the photos carry you in this fairytale mountain cottage!

cottage at mountain

fireplace in the cottage

entry house

builtin bed - mountain cottage

fireplace stone detail

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