Product DesignLighting DesignCollection of Colorful Lamps Designed by Polish Studio Profizorka

Collection of Colorful Lamps Designed by Polish Studio Profizorka

Collection of lamps designed by Polish studio Profizorka
Unique chandelier for the living room / Beautiful handmade pendant colorful lamps / Colorful chandelier for a child’s room

Polish studio Profizorka made this collection of unique and colorful lamps that can be used in a large variety of spaces.

Collection of colorfull lamps designed by Polish studio Profizorka
Original hand-made lamp. Ideal for modern and traditional interiors.

About Polish Studio Profizorka
Lamps studio – design, production, sales.
We create custom lamps that we specifically design according to our clients’ needs or particular interiors. We can adjust the lamp for a particular contract, change length, height, colour or anything you would like. The range and diversity of our lamps are still growing. We guarantee a manual work in small batches which makes our lamps extraordinary. We bring new meaning to the objects used, modifying them and giving them their own personality. We particularly care about the quality and value of our products. We would be very happy to answer any of your questions.

minimalistic chandelier by Polish studio Profizorka
A minimalistic chandelier with 5 cables for every interior. Thanks to the fact that the colors are taken from nature – rainbow – the colors complement each other and create a harmonious whole
Collection of suspended lamps by Polish studio Profizorka, Warsaw
Interesting pendant lamp for the dining room – 5 cables. / Hand made red and gray chandelier. / Original custom loft lamp
Collection of unique lamps - Polish studio Profizorka
It is a bent cable that does not change shape. The cable is braided. The lamp is perfect for a table or desk, it can be used as a bedside lamp. It looks original and beautiful. It can be an interior decoration.
lamps designed by Profizorka
Blue ceiling lamp for bedroom or living room – “chaos” 7 arms – blue with white finishes.
chandelier by Polish studio Profizorka
This chandelier will decorate any interior and will attract attention.

Designed by Polish studio Profizorka from Warsaw

Colorful Lamps designed by Polish studio Profizorka, Warsaw
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