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Upcycle – Collection of Handmade Lamps

Upcycle - collection of handmade lamps (1)

Upcycle is a collection of five handmade lamps by Benjamin Spöth Design in Eindhoven, Netherlands. By using local resources and smart solutions to avoid waste and pollution, the designer has used local, nature-friendly materials to realize these five ceiling-lamps. Weighting only 1 kilo with different elective dimensions, the main materials chosen were birch, brass, ceramic, steel textile cable and wax.

Upcycle lamp

Bought from the wholesale, the multiplex birch wood leftovers are finely sliced in millimeter thin stripes, steamed before bend in shape and refined in different working steps. Due to the combination of the thin slices with the structure of the grain, every second layer of plywood shines the light through the material resulting in intricate patterns of shadow and light. By having different sizes and shapes, these lamps exude a wave of warmth, brightening your home. For more details visit the website of Benjamin Spöth Design.

Upcycle - collection of lamps

ceiling-lamps - nature-friendly materials

Upcycle - collection of handmade lamps (20)

handmade lamps - nature-friendly materials

nature-friendly materials- lamps

nature-friendly materials

Benjamin Spöth Design - lamp

collection of handmade lamps

handmade lamps

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