How-To & GuidesCost Of Living in Brampton, Canada

Cost Of Living in Brampton, Canada

Cost Of Living in Brampton, Canada

Located about 40 kilometers / 25 miles northwest of downtown Toronto, right by Toronto Pearson International Airport, the Brampton area is one of the fastest-growing in Canada. Brampton has grown three times faster than Ontario.

If you want to rent a condo or buy a home in Brampton, it would be best to consider the costs of living there. Due to its multicultural population, Brampton is often considered the ideal choice for new immigrants.

How Much Does it Cost to Live in Brampton?

According to the current Brampton real estate listings, the prices for both condos and townhomes have increased by 30 to 40% over the past year. The average cost for a 1-bedroom condo downtown goes up to $1,500. Moreover, the average house price in the city is more than $1.3 million.


Regarding transportation in Brampton, it would be best to consider public transit instead of a personal car. As a resident of Brampton, you should expect to pay about $124 for a monthly transport pass within the city. However, if you work in Toronto and travel from Brampton, choosing the GO train may be in your best interest. You’ll most likely pay around $7.65 per fare for a journey from Union Station in Brampton to the heart of Toronto’s central business district.

Monthly Utilities

If you are renting in Brampton, you should expect to spend around 35% to 50% of your income on rent and utilities (electricity, heating, water, phone). Those expenses may increase during the winter months.

Restaurants and Nightlife

Brampton is renowned for its international food, but the prices are sometimes high. On average, a single person may spend around $147 on groceries. When looking for cheaper food solutions, you may want to consider buying fresh vegetables and fruits from the local markets. However, it won’t break your budget to visit Brampton’s culturally diverse restaurants once in a while.

For those looking for outdoor activities, you can visit Gage Park, Heart Lake Conservation Area, Claireville Conservation Area, and Professor’s Lake.

Cost Of Living in Brampton, Canada

Is Brampton Cheaper Than Toronto?

Living costs in Brampton are more affordable than in Toronto, but not by much, as real estate prices have started to grow rapidly. Brampton may be a costly city, but it is definitely cheaper to live there than Toronto.

According to Numbeo, rent prices in Brampton are 42.18% lower than in Toronto, while consumer prices in Brampton are 9.55% lower than in Toronto. You will most likely need about $6,950 in Toronto to have the same standard of living that would cost $5,800 in Brampton.

Final Words
In Brampton, the cost of living can rise or fall considerably based on a person’s lifestyle.
But Brampton has a lot to offer and might be the ideal place to start your home-hunting process.

In Brampton, you can cherish the beauty of nature, and find a home in a central location of its amazing community, filled with diversity, an affordable cost of living, and close proximity to Toronto. If you want to buy or rent in a city that is safe and multicultural, go to Brampton. You won’t regret it.

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