Simple and Chic Remodel Ideas That Will Make Your New Home Stand Out

All homeowners want to make their homes comfortable and stylish. And often when you buy a home, you’re given a blank canvas with plenty of room for potential. But if you really want your home to stand out and be a unique representation of who you are, you have to get creative.

Reports have shown that homeowners spend an average of between 1,500 and 12,000 dollars per interior design project in the United States. And this often doesn’t include the cost of furniture. But believe it or not, you can actually make your place stand out without having to spend thousands of dollars on a design project.

It’s often said that some of the best designs are the most simple. And if you’re looking to save a few dollars, there are plenty of inexpensive remodel ideas that can make your place look chic and stylish with little effort.

If you’re looking to remodel your home, the following will offer a few simple and stylish projects to consider.

Crown Heights Brownstone / BFDO Architects
Crown Heights Brownstone, Brooklyn / BFDO Architects

Simple Kitchen Remodels

One area of your home where you (as well as family and friends) will be spending a greater amount of time is the kitchen. As such, you not only want your kitchen to be inviting, you also want to add an element of style that allows it to stand apart from the basic kitchen designs that are all too common in homes across the country.

Kitchen remodels can include many elements. But depending on the theme you’re trying to incorporate, you’ll also have a variety of designs to consider. A few areas of your kitchen you may want to focus on are as follows:

● Counter space
● Cabinetry
● Floors
● Storage
● Appliances
● Lighting
● Windows
● Functionality

Each component of your kitchen serves a purpose. Correspondingly, you’ll want to begin with the basic parts, such as adding new flooring or adequate and stylish counter space, then work your way into the more complex design aspects of your kitchen such as color scheme and storage.

Manhattan Conservatory Water Residence Revitalized by SheltonMindel
Manhattan Conservatory Water Residence Revitalized by SheltonMindel

When thinking of kitchen themes, choose the style that you’ll be most comfortable with. For example, maybe you love the retro mid-20th century feel, a Bohemian flavor, or perhaps you’re after a more minimalist design. Regardless, choose the elements that speak to you the most, and go from there.

Window Treatments

Perhaps one of the simplest ways you can add style and creativity to your living space is to update your window treatments. And even if you already like the placement of your windows, simply by adding new shades of color or new design elements, you can create a much more fresh and inviting atmosphere in your home.

You may want your space to look like a villa in Italy, but if you’re on a budget, you can reuse items such as curtain rods and simply select new fabrics that will offer a new splash of texture and color to your windows. Or if you’re going for a minimalist feel, you can go with sheers or transparent linens to offer more light to enter.

Window art may be another solution that you’ll want to implement if your windows seem too dull. With this solution, hanging window art such as small stained glass designs, dreamcatchers, feathers, and the like can add an element of personality to your windows without having to break the bank.

Simple and Chic Remodel Ideas That Will Make Your New Home Stand Out

Lighting and Mirrors

One of the best ways you can liven your space up is through accent lighting. But one element of lighting that many never consider is the addition of mirrors.

Mirrors reflect light. And when you place mirrors in specific areas of your home properly, you can amplify the light and create a greater depth–perfect for smaller spaces or homes with less than average square footage.

By placing mirrors to amplify the amount of light in a room such as across from windows, at the ends of hallways, or by creating a mirrored wall, the light will not only be reflected but you’ll also give the illusion of more space within the home. And this has a way of opening your home up and making it appear more inviting.

The best part is, most flat mirrors are relatively cheap. So you won’t have to drain your savings account to add mirrors for lighting or depth.

Simple home designs not only offer you an affordable way to liven up your space, but you can also make your space stand out among the crowd by using your own sense of style and innovation. So instead of heading out to Walmart and picking things that are already in millions of homes across the country, use your own style and see what happens.

Simple and Chic Remodel Ideas That Will Make Your New Home Stand Out
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