Home Staging in Dubai: Trends and Tips for Property Owners

Home Staging in Dubai: Trends and Tips for Property Owners

Home staging in Dubai has emerged as a leading trend in interior design, aimed at preparing properties quickly and cost-effectively for rental or sale. This technique enhances the appeal of any apartment to potential tenants and buyers by strategically arranging furniture, optimizing space, and adding decor. Home staging not only highlights the strengths of a property but also creates a welcoming, home-like environment for future residents.

The secret of home staging is that people choose homes with their eyes and hearts, not just their minds. No one wants to leave a beautiful and cozy apartment, and as the market for such properties is limited, tenants and buyers are willing to pay more for bright, spacious, and fully equipped apartments.

Professional home stagers from Colife, a UAE-based smart-rental startup that operates as a full-cycle property management company, have shared their secrets for transforming apartments and discussed the latest interior design trends in Dubai.

The demand for home staging in Dubai

“Home staging in Dubai is in high demand right now. Previously, before the influx of expats, the market was quite lazy and neutral. But in recent years, to meet their demands, property owners have had to elevate their interior standards. Home staging is primarily about liquidity, competitiveness, and ensuring the client return,” said Kristina Zagrebelnaya, an Interior Designer from Colife Dubai.

Home staging in Dubai helps property owners cut the time to sell or rent out their apartments in half and increases the transaction value by at least 6-10%.

The average cost of full home staging in Dubai for an apartment, as calculated by analysts at Colife Dubai, ranges from 20,000 to 50,000 AED, depending on the size and type of property. For example, staging a studio costs owners in Dubai 20,000-25,000 AED, a 1-bedroom apartment 35,000-40,000 AED, and a 2-bedroom apartment 45,000-50,000 AED.

Home Staging in Dubai: Trends and Tips for Property Owners

Trending home staging styles and preferences

Currently, home staging trends include neutral tones like gray, beige, and white, creating a versatile and calming background. Now these are paired with color accents such as green, blue, terracotta and others to add vibrancy and interest.

“The global trend, not just in Dubai, is that people want to live in bright, spacious, yet cozy apartments. We often take on properties in good condition but with yellowish walls — a typical shade considered noble in Dubai but not appreciated by renters. So, we always repaint those walls white, which is highly demanded and important for tenants. From my experience, white walls can make any interior look more modern. This is a crucial trend.

A relatively new trend in home staging is the use of color accents. Just six months ago, we created entirely light interiors in white-beige tones, but now we add colors to the white canvas of light walls. For instance, olive green and other natural-colored details look beautiful and are well-received by clients,” noted Kristina Zagrebelnaya.

Also highly popular is simple, functional furniture without excessive details. Eco-friendly materials like wood and bamboo can draw special attention to your apartment.

“If there’s one highly sought-after element, it’s the fold-out couch. This is crucial for tenants as they can rent a studio or 1-bedroom apartment and stay with friends or kids without paying for extra rooms,” shared Kristina Zagrebelnaya.

The most important aspect of home staging is creating coziness, making the apartment feel like home for potential tenants or buyers. This is achieved through decor. Currently, trending items include textiles with diverse textures, modern wall art, and a lot of plants.

“My top recommendation for all property owners looking to rent or sell is to fill the space. Even if you buy the most expensive bed and the stylish sofa in your apartment, if you don’t fill the apartment with details and necessary little things, it will feel empty and uninviting despite the money spent. No one will want to stay there.

We had clients who initially thought that simply furnishing an apartment was enough, and that future tenants would add their own decor and details. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work. Such apartments usually remain empty until clients decide to decorate them. Rugs, pillows, posters, plants, vases, all the small details that seem insignificant but are, in fact, crucial for the property’s appeal,” explained a Colife Dubai designer about a common mistake in preparing apartments for rental or sale.

Avoiding common mistakes in modern interior design

Colife experts also highlighted some major “no’s” in modern interior design. When staging a home, avoid dark, heavy, and bulky elements that rob the apartment of light and space. For example, instead of heavy curtains, choose tulle and minimalist blinds.

Additionally, while aiming for coziness, be careful not to overdo it. Too many decorative elements and furniture can make the space feel cluttered and outdated. Moreover, all interior details should be harmoniously blended together.

Overall, home staging in Dubai helps a property to stand out and attract potential buyers or tenants without the need for expensive and long renovations. However, this transformation requires exceptional attention to details. By following trends and avoiding outdated elements, property owners can achieve faster and more profitable deals.

“But it’s important to remember that every apartment is unique and requires its own special approach. For example, when I start working on a property and create its image, even its location and the look of the building require attention. If it’s a glass building in DIFC, that’s one design; if it’s Jumeirah, with lots of trees, low buildings, and nearby water, that would be a completely different interior,” concluded Kristina Zagrebelnaya.

After all, the most important aspect of home staging is creating a cozy atmosphere where potential tenants or buyers can feel like they already live here. It’s about making the space feel like home, as people choose their apartments by feeling a connection with the place.

Home Staging in Dubai: Trends and Tips for Property Owners

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