Costa Brava Beach House by Nook Architects

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Costa Brava Beach House by Nook Architects

Architects: Nook Architects
Project: Costa Brava Beach House
Structure: Francesc Gorgas
Location: Costa Brava, Girona, Spain
Area: 202 m² int + 41 m² ext
Project Year: 2017
Photography: Marcela Grassi

Bordering the Mediterranean Sea, the Camí de Ronda is a historical coast path that connects the villages and beaches of the Costa Brava. Along the way, we find this house, part of a protected complex, in an unbeatable location.

Costa Brava Beach House by Nook Architects 1

The house spreads out over four floors. It sits upon a rock and descends, in steps, until it meets the sea, to which it is connected with a private jetty.

Costa Brava Beach House by Nook Architects 2

The family had been looking for a property that was both simple and comfortable, one which would allow for the independent usage of secondary rooms, as well as the collective usage of a communal area connected to the main terrace.

Costa Brava Beach House by Nook Architects 3

It was necessary to make some adjustments to the functional plan of the house, converting a once shady terrace on the second floor into a new bedroom and adding bathrooms to the second and third floors. Restoration work was performed throughout the building to repair the façades, roofs and terraces. The overall volume of the house was maintained, as was its characteristic mediterranean colour, composition and aesthetic.

Costa Brava Beach House by Nook Architects 4

The interior layout of the house was modified, by opening up holes in the walls and installing skylights to maximise the views and flood the entire building with natural light. The staircase acts as a thread that connects all four floors. The attic, the communal areas and the bedrooms are all linked with direct access to the beach.

Costa Brava Beach House by Nook Architects 5

The windows of the seaside façade offer complete exposure, minimizing the division between indoors and outdoors. This connection ensures that the main communal spaces remain complete; that is, the terrace becomes an outward extension of the living room.

Costa Brava Beach House by Nook Architects 6

As well as heating, only a simple ventilation system consisting of ceiling fans has been installed. to complement the natural ventilation provided by the windows and skylights. At the exterior of the house, the blinds and the pergola limit the sun’s rays, ensuring comfortable temperatures with the house even in summer.

Costa Brava Beach House by Nook Architects 7

Many of the house’s original elements, such as the tiled flooring and wooden beams, were recovered to preserve the traditional character of the building. These original features interact with the more modern wooden, cement, steel and ceramic components. The result is an undoubtedly contemporary design that remains faithful to the austere character of the original construction.

Costa Brava Beach House by Nook Architects 11

The design and introduction of custom-made furniture was of special importance to this project, contributing a functional value to each room. Whether by dividing up space or by dispersing natural light, the furniture takes on an active role in the creation of different internal areas.

Costa Brava Beach House by Nook Architects 9

The result of the restoration and renovation is a house that is true to its traditional, mediterranean origins and, at the same time, unequivocally contemporary in its design. The natural light and exquisite sea views, bestowed by its great location, now take center stage in what is a privileged home.

Costa Brava Beach House by Nook Architects 8

Costa Brava Beach House by Nook Architects 10

Costa Brava Beach House by Nook Architects 12

Costa Brava Beach House by Nook Architects 13

Costa Brava Beach House by Nook Architects 16

Costa Brava Beach House by Nook Architects 14

Costa Brava Beach House by Nook Architects 15

Costa Brava Beach House by Nook Architects 17

Costa Brava Beach House by Nook Architects 18

Costa Brava Beach House by Nook Architects 19

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