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Exploration of Matter and Surfaces

Exploration of Matter and Surfaces

Patricia Urquiola designs the Cenote a Colonna freestanding washbasin and the Bloque system for Agape.

Magnetic and multi-sensory, the Cenote washbasin series designed by Patricia Urquiola continues to explore the expressive potential of clay with its new pedestal model. Agape’s relentless and patient research around the bathroom, the most intimate space in the home, focuses on the warmth of the material and the precious contribution of craftsmanship, which gives shape to a beauty that is always unique.

Cenote a Colonna. Sculptural elegance.
In Cenote a Colonna, the circular basin and the linear design of the column merge in a seamless material and architectural continuity. Both elements are crafted from natural or dark refractory clay, shaped by hand on the lathe, resulting in unpredictable surface variations. “The freestanding version completes the family, offering the possibility of placing the washbasin in the center of the room, creating a sculptural effect that enhances its personality and elegance. Essential in this case, as in the entire series, is the artisanal component which, along with the essential architectural composition, highlights the sensory vibrations of refractory clay,” explains Patricia Urquiola.

Exploration of Matter and Surfaces

Architecture of emotions.
Breaking away from the typical decorative styles found in the bathroom, the freestanding model of Cenote also astounds and captivates, introducing fresh emotions to the bathroom setting. The outer surface deliberately retains its rough texture, while a captivating interplay of contrasts emerges with the glazed and polished interior of the basin. The basins are available in two sizes and two exterior finishes: natural earth or dark earth, both featuring a transparent enameled interior. The natural earth version boasts a creamy white interior, while the dark earth version showcases a stunning blue interior.

The Bloque system. Surface tectonics.
The exploration of materials, initiated with Cenote, continues with the Bloque countertop and storage system. Patricia Urquiola enhances the sensory allure of stones and woods while maintaining a visually open and compositionally rigorous approach. The design rhythm is defined by juxtaposed and perpendicular tops, creating an original staggered movement between surfaces. “Bloque represents a minimalistic “trace,” enriched by the tactile qualities of various finishes, such as lava stone. Its essential composition was conceived as a counterpoint to the rough shapes of the Cenote washbasins, crafted from refractory clay. However, this versatility allows for seamless integration with other bathroom elements or customization of the dimensions of the horizontal tops,” explains Patricia Urquiola.

Exploration of Matter and Surfaces

An adaptable and open design.
Bloque showcases modularity, offering widths ranging from 80 to 220 cm with intervals of 20 cm. The compositions suggested by the range can also be seamlessly combined by simply juxtaposing them, allowing for the creation of even wider configurations. This versatile system can accommodate all Agape countertop washbasins and, thanks to its flexibility and simplicity, can be placed in various rooms of the house or even in contract spaces. It represents a unique and universal gesture simultaneously.

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