Modern Heirloom Furniture by Evan Z. Crane

creature-credenza furniture

Evan Z. Crane is a Brooklyn born and based manufacturer of fine products. He is a designer and craftsman who believes that longevity is one of the best ways to practice sustainability. Utilizing the latest computer numerically controlled (CNC) technology and traditional furniture making techniques, he creates modern heirloom furniture. HomeWorldDesign has selected several products made by Evan Z. Crane. For more information please visit Evan Crane website.

The designer’s description:
CREATURE CREDENZA: This piece had lingered on the edge of my mind for quite some time. Honestly, I dared not speak of it or even draw a sketch for fear that I would loose its vague impression. I suppose the little things, simple sensory experiences can bring an idea together. I came across some amazing Icelandic sheep hide and it all clicked. The doors of the credenza are adorned with them. The challenge of this piece was getting many contrasting elements to work as one. The darkly stained solid walnut case and oxidized maple drawer fronts set up a gradation that finishes off with the stark white sheep hide. Finally, a custom textile from De Islas, their “duck pond” fabric is stretched over the interior of the doors like a canvas. It adds the quintessential playful element that makes this cabinet an exquisite creature.

creature-credenza - Modern heirloom furniture by Evan Z. Crane

creature-credenza Modern heirloom furniture

creature-credenza - by Evan Z. Crane

FUZZY CAPTAIN: A new take on my old faithful captains chair. I wanted to combine bigger and beefier proportions with the original dynamic design to make for an intensely relaxing sit. When I first thought about making this piece I wanted the chair to feel like it was hugging you as you sat in it, the concept was a “Mutual embrace from your favorite pet”. The Icelandic sheep hide for the back rest cushion just fit that concept, it offers not only a new look but a new level of comfort. For this piece I also teamed up with two long time friends who recently started “De Islas”, a designer textile company, they describe their common passion for drawing as the silent third partner of the company. They hand draw or paint all their designs and then transform them into repeatable patterns for a totally unique look that really works with this chairs big personality.

fuzzy-captain - Modern heirloom furniture by Evan Z. Crane

fuzzy-captain chair

fuzzy-captain- heirloom furniture by Evan Z. Crane

BALL NOSE COFFEE TABLE: This piece was totally inspired by geometry in my surroundings, namely a children’s playground. I suppose watching after a kid on the playground forces you to be hyper aware of your surroundings. Without a doubt, being engaged in play with a child makes you see things differently than normal. The simple geometric shapes of the municipal play equipment have an influence on me because of the focus on functionality rather than conceptual design. Unexpected beauty inspires me above all else.

ball-nose-coffee-table - Modern heirloom furniture

ball-nose-coffee-table - heirloom furniture by Evan Z. Crane

ball-nose-coffee-table - Modern heirloom furniture by Evan Z. Crane

BIG SMILE CHAIR: This piece had its start originally as one of my first chair designs, made in my twenties. I always felt like I had unfinished business with the piece. It was a design that almost hit its mark. Above all I strive for personality in my creations, a piece that can survive on its own power. All I do is merely activate it. Named after the seat profile as well as the uncontrolled laughter that I experienced when I first observed the finished upholstery, it was at that moment I knew I had gotten it right enough.

big-smile-chair- Modern heirloom furniture by Evan Z. Crane


big-smile-chair - heirloom furniture by Evan Z. Crane

CAPTAIN’S CHAIR: The Captain’s Chair is a lounger made of wood, lacquered steel, and upholstered cushions. It is a piece that is meant to be first and foremost comfortable, but also engaging and playful. It is manufactured with diligence and care, with the intention of being an heirloom piece. The overall design of the Captain’s Chair is fixed, everything else can be tailored to the client’s desires. The wood species, finish, lacquer color, and upholstery are all customizable. Outdoor versions are also available.

captains-chair- by Evan Z. Crane

captains-chair- furniture by Evan Z. Crane

captains-chair - Modern heirloom furniture by Evan Z. Crane

captains-chair - Modern heirloom furniture

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