Chalkboard Trees by SEMdesign / nice and helpful in every home

Chalkboard Trees by Sem Design

In the contiguous images, we have what SEMdesign named Chalkboard Trees, a product that is very dear to me and which I am sure you will love too. Chalkboard Trees is a board shaped like a text balloon with an integrated clock that can be as beautiful as useful in everyone’s home. The chalkboard can be used to leave a message written with the chalk for your partner, child or friend. You can also write to remind yourself various things that must be done in a busy day or it can be useful when you need to quickly write down something, a phone number or an address. In the upper part of the chalkboard there is a place where the chalk is stored. Chalkboard Trees is available in two versions, Trees Dreams and Trees Thinks. Simple and tastefully realized, this chalkboard with an integrated clock may find its place anywhere on the wall in the hallway, kitchen, in the child’s room or bedroom. See SEMdesign website.

Chalkboard Trees by Sem Design (2)

Chalkboard Trees by Sem Design (3)

Chalkboard Trees by Sem Design (4)

Chalkboard Trees by Sem Design (1)

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