French bed: rafinament, elegance and romance in your bedroom

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Excited by the fragile and delicate beauty of the luxurious French style of the royal epoch, sometimes we can get carried with the eyes of the mind into a world of timeless elegance and the most refined romance. We can bring this French refinement into our bedroom, recreating a world full of sumptuousness but also of warm gentleness by choosing some appropriate supplies. As in the case of any bedroom, our attention is trapped mainly by the bed, being the piece that gives the stylistic tone. We stopped over some charming French beds realized by The French Bedroom Company. These beds are eloquent creations that come to edify us on what the French style represents for aesthetics and good taste. If you would like a bedroom in the French style, these beds are a good beginning and they can inspire you.

The Bonaparte French bed
Symbol of elegance and majestic beauty, this bed can definitely make a statement of elegance in your french bedroom. Hand carved ornaments decorate the headboard and footboard made of solid mahogany wood. Although of an impressive, royal size, this bed exudes feminine qualities through its delightful floral designs.

French bed- bonaparte - The French Bedroom Company -
Provencal Bonaparte French Bed
Made of mahogany, with intricately carved headboard, side rails, corners, top edges, feet, and outer and inner panels, this bed is an example of good taste and French label. It is a bed made in white antique, bright with a classic design, chic and smooth.

French bed - bonaparte provencal -The French Bedroom Company -
Delphine French Upholstered Bed
This chic bed is the perfect combination of French style and the comfort of Sunday morning! Made all of mahogany, it has a padded headboard and footboard beautifully curved and elaborately carved cabriole legs. This bed conveys a romantic mood which makes it loved by any color scheme that you will choose for your bedroom, over the years.

French bed - delphine bed - The French Bedroom Company -
Normandy Rattan Painted Luxury French Bed
This bed handmade of natural rattan and mahogany has a very pleasant old-fashioned elegance.Having slightly curved legs of a pale colour, the bed easily transcends you in the atmosphere of the beginning of 19th century.

french bed - Normandy -The French Bedroom Company -
Palais French Bed
This handmade and carved by hand bed is adorned with elegant bas-reliefs coated in gold leaf. The mildly distressed gold accents over the antiqued crackle-patina ivory is pure Louis XVI style. French Palais bed evokes the grandeur of an era and includes all that is honored and adored at the French furniture. The reign of Louis XVI was the golden age of French furniture, with an emphasis on lines and right angles, on craftsmanship and refinement.

French bed - Palais -The French Bedroom Company -
Provencal Louis XV White Luxury French Bed
This bed evokes the gentle elegance of Louis XV, having sculptural details that subtle express the quintessence of the luxurious French style. Charming and beautiful, the bed captures all the attention and meets discreetly and gently any aesthetics claim.

French beds - Provencal Louis XV - The French Bedroom Company-
Provencal Sassy White French Bed
A bed decorated amazingly beautiful, that expresses femininity and grandeur through a blend of refined style and timeless French design. The shell-like carvings and acanthus leaves that adorn the edges of the headboard and footboard and the scrolling cabriole legs are all beautifully carved by hand from mahogany. The bed is then finished in a classic distressed antique white.

French beds - Provencal Sassy White -The French Bedroom Company -
Provencal Lit Lit White Rattan Bed
A pure white bed with a feminine and romantic expressiveness, Lit Lit White is made from solid hand-carved mahogany with intricately carved scrolling columns either side of the headboard and footboard and double layer rattan.
French beds - Provencal Lit Lit White - The French Bedroom Company -
Syvia Silver Luxury Bed
This luxury bed is hand-carved from mahogany and then finished in a mildly distressed silver leaf. The carvings on the headboard crest and across the footboard are absolutely exquisite.
French beds - Sylvia Silver Luxury bed 1 - The French Bedroom Company-
French beds - Sylvia Silver Luxury Bed -The French Bedroom Company-
Versailles Curved Luxury Upholstered Bed
This is a sophisticated bed, opulent and glamorous with silk upholstery framed by gilded mahogany. The representative signature by the cabriole style arched legs is present also at this Versailles bed.
French beds - Versailles Curved Luxury - The French Bedroom Company -
Versailles Luxury Upholstered Bed
A bed with an exquisite decadent French style, with floral carvings and beige silk tapestry highlighted by the gilded roundness of mahogany. The corners are highlighted through the delicate sculptures of a sophisticated refinement.
French beds - Versailles Luxury 1 -  The French Bedroom Company -
Bergerac Silk Upholstered Bed
The combination of clean and simple white sculptures with gray silk, associated with the luxurious French style makes this bed bring a touch of elegance to any boudoir. Intricately hand-carved from mahogany and finished in pure satin white with grey slub silk buttoned upholstery.
French bed - Bergerac Silk - The French Bedroom Company-

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