Top 12 Interior Design Trends in 2022

Top 12 Interior Design Trends in 2022

It is not necessary to be aware of new trends in interior design in order to correctly arrange all the pieces of furniture and decor, to select the finishing materials necessary for the repair. Even if the project of your new apartment is still at the development stage, and you have only drawings and sketches on hand, it is quite possible to imagine the future interior and understand what it will be like. Let’s talk about what is a trend in interior design definition.

What is a trend in interior design? These are new fashion trends and designers’ choices.

Trend 1: design project – must have
From the design project, you can learn about the legality and possibility of transferring load-bearing beams or walls, wet areas and specific equipment. If you follow them, the risk of difficulties in the design of an apartment project is minimized. All projects of apartments and houses that have been converted are subject to mandatory certification by special organizations.

Sometimes special permission is not required. For example, to increase the size of the bathroom due to the hallway space or cutting an additional opening in the wall (only if it is not load-bearing). In such cases, registration takes place immediately upon completion of construction.

You can get comfortable housing thanks to the carefully thought-out arrangement of furniture and household appliances. After all, nothing should create danger or interfere with moving around the house. As, for example, the unfortunate location of the hob on the edge of the kitchen island located in the middle of the room, which is fraught with overturning heated dishes. And the right location of the dining bench and extendable table top can save space, according to Cosywood from the UK.

Trend 2: do not use a stretch ceiling
Formerly fashionable and popular, the stretch ceiling today is not the best option for ceiling decoration in current interior design trends. Yes, of course, it captivates with ease of installation and a low price, but there will be more than enough trouble.

Trend 3: use natural materials
It is advisable to find natural materials for repair. Instead of laminate flooring, use a solid wood plank, it costs the same as laminate but is stronger, more durable and more beautiful than pressed board.

Trend 4: non-standard wall finishes
In addition to traditional finishes (plaster or ceramic tiles), a talented designer can offer you non-standard ways to cover surfaces. Thanks to non-standard techniques, you can make the room original.

Trend 5: expensive plumbing
Don’t skimp on quality plumbing. The quality of tap water does not always match the quality of drinking water, so mixers and pipes deteriorate much faster. Yes, you can buy a cheap crane, but in any case it will become unusable in a year and a half. You will not only have to buy a new one, but also pay for its installation again. High-quality plumbing looks much more aesthetic. Pay attention to the presence of marks about the inputs and outputs of the plumbing, electrical sockets and switches in the design project of the room.

Trend 6: decorating a laundry room in an apartment or basement
It is necessary to take care in advance that personal wires that are not connected to sockets are laid to the washing machine, electric towel dryer and other electrical appliances. So you not only bring the room in line with fire safety rules, but also relieve the load on the electrical network.

Trend 7: a bed instead of a sofa
Sleeping on a fold-out sofa is not only inconvenient, but also not healthy for you. No pillow filler can replace a full-fledged orthopedic mattress.

Trend 8: contrasting colors in the interior
To make the interior cozy, you can choose light and dark shades. This design will dissolve the boundaries of the room, and they will become invisible. The ceiling may differ in color from the walls by a few tones. If you are afraid to use rich colors, then apply a shade of the desired color to the surface.

Trend 9: Wall painting
Large patterns on the walls do not contribute to the visual expansion of space. Patterns on the wallpaper decorate the room. If you are afraid of this decision, experiment with the design of the bathroom.

Trend 10: Lots of small lights
For example, in the interior design of a bedroom, you will need spotlights located around the perimeter and near the bed. Their scattered light will relax, create a feeling of comfort and peace.

Trend 11: Say no to monochrome interiors
You decided to buy a beige furniture set. But this is not a reason to color the whole room with furniture and make everything beige and cream around. Use contrasting colors, accentuate the room!

Trend 12: bright accents
It is not necessary to use flashy shades as accents. If you are a fan of quiet interiors, then add muted color combinations. Instead of a colorful rug, use a beautiful bouquet in a flowerpot or a flower on the nightstand.

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