Office DesignHalo Service Solutions - New Office Space by Bluespace

Halo Service Solutions – New Office Space by Bluespace

Halo Service Solutions - New Office Space by Bluespace

Project: Halo Service Solutions
Interior Design: Bluespace
Furniture: Office Furniture Scene
Location: Suffolk, England
Photo Credits: Mike Harrington

Bluespace were tasked with designing a completely new office space for Halo Service Solutions as they expand to a larger space located in Stowmarket. The brief was to create a fun but functional working environment, a place that employees enjoy working in.

There are many standout features that make this space very unique. Biophilic elements were an important feature with many plants around the office as well as planters between the desks to enable staff to grow their own fruits and vegetables.

communal space, bar - New Office Space by Bluespace

Although, perhaps the most exciting feature is the slide in the entrance way. The idea behind this was a colleague would slide down the slide to greet visitors. Then they would go to the bar before proceeding with business, automatically making the visitor feel welcome and at ease.

breakout space - New Office Space by Bluespace

Being a software company, technology is a crucial part of their business. To cater for their day-to-day workings there were many dashboard screens installed throughout the office as well as a large video wall perfect for presentations, exhibitions and training.

workstation - New Office Space by Bluespace

Comfort is key and Halo wanted a range of seating solutions to accommodate for all. There are a mix of soft seating and dining benches to give people variety. There are also a number of quiet spaces ideal for calls, one to one training and meetings.

This project is truly an exciting and bold workspace that not only looks good in style but stands the test of time.

Halo Service Solutions - New Office Space by Bluespace

Halo Service Solutions - New Office Space by Bluespace

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