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Hotel Home – How To Turn Your Bedroom Into a 5-Star Sleep Palace

Hotel Home – How To Turn Your Bedroom Into a 5-Star Sleep Palace

A night in a five-star hotel room can be life changing, most people think their bedroom is as comfortable as possible until they indulge themselves with a night spent in a 5 star hotel room. Once they’ve had a taste of the good life, their old cosy bedroom won’t cut the mustard in comparison to the lavish experience of enjoying a night in a luxurious hotel room.

But a night at a 5-star hotel can be expensive, so rather than splash out on a hotel room DIY designers across the world have taken to upgrading their bedrooms to a quality usually only found in the best hotels in the world.

If you want to get a 5-star sleep every night without spending 5-star money every night, there are ways you can pull your bedroom up to the expected quality of a fancy hotel, UK Based Blinds Retailer DotcomBlinds helped out with this article to share tricks hotels use to give you a good night’s sleep you can copy at home.

Hotel Home – How To Turn Your Bedroom Into a 5-Star Sleep Palace

1. Hotel Quality Mattress

After a night at a 5-star hotel, people will often recall that the bed in the hotel was far more comfortable than their bed at home. There’s a reason for this, quality hotels often use some of the best mattresses available to ensure their guests have a good sleep.

To emulate the quality bed from a hotel in your bedroom is a simple affair, you just need to upgrade your mattress with a newer, higher quality one. It may be a big investment, but remember that mattresses are a long term purchase, if you’re spending a few hundred pounds on a mattress you can rest assured knowing it will provide you quality sleep for years to come!

Hotel Home – How To Turn Your Bedroom Into a 5-Star Sleep Palace

2. Hotel Quality Bed Linens

Again, after a night at a hotel your bedsheets at home will no longer satisfy you in comparison to the luxury you’ve experienced at hotels. This is because hotels only use very high-quality bed linens to ensure their patrons get the best sleep possible.

You can achieve this feeling at home simply by upgrading your bed linens, take all your bedclothes and find an upgrade for them in a softer and more comfortable material. If you want to have your bedroom look like a hotel as well as feel like one, all white sheets are an excellent way to achieve the look of an upscale hotel.

Hotel Home – How To Turn Your Bedroom Into a 5-Star Sleep Palace

3. Blackout Blinds

Another area where hotel rooms always excel is their blackout blinds. Blackout blinds are like normal blinds but are made from a more opaque fabric to block out light from outside windows. This all creates a more dark and cosy space for you to sleep in during your stay.

You can use blackout blinds in your own bedroom to recreate this dark sanctuary for sleep at a relatively budget friendly cost. But once you hang blackout blinds in your bedroom, you’ll wonder how you used to sleep without them!

Hotel Home – How To Turn Your Bedroom Into a 5-Star Sleep Palace

4. Climate Control

Another way hotels create a perfect environment for sleep is their use of climate control, which is used to keep hotel rooms at the perfect temperature to help their guests sleep (18.3°C in case you were wondering). This combined with the other tricks mentioned helps create the perfect sleep environment.

To use this trick at home, all you need is an Air Conditioning unit and a radiator. During Summertime simply set your air conditioning unit to a cool 18°C to keep cool and in the winter you’ll want8°C also to keep the room’s warmth in that sweet spot!

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