Cloud Nine Bedroom by Studio Gabriel Bordin

Cloud Nine Bedroom by Studio Gabriel Bordin

Project: Cloud Nine Bedroom
Interior Design: Studio Gabriel Bordin
Design Team: Sabrina B. Sirino, Fabiano P. Brescovit, Gabriela Vilani, Lucas Ranzan, Fernanda Sá, Giovana Becker, Rodrigo Burgrever
Clients: Casa Cor Santa Catarina 2019
Engineering: Saga Engenharia e Construção
Location: Florianopolis, Brazil
Area: 40 m2
Year: 2019
Photographs: Fábio Júnior Severo

The space was designed for the 2019 CASACOR SC and can be described as a “living bedroom”. The 40m² room is an invitation to rest and comfort. The name comes from the expression “to be on cloud nine” which represents a state of happiness and satisfaction. Cloud Nine Bedroom is the materialization of this state, translated into a contemporary and simple environment.

home decoration by Studio Gabriel Bordin

The Cloud Bed was created by architect Gabriel Bordin for the mattress brand Reveev. Centered in the space, the item breaks the national standards due to its intentionally lower height, creating a lighter volume in the composition, and also functioning as a seat to lounge in, like an accessible invitation to relax. The partnership also resulted in a large and unique backlit panel made of encased coils – “the soul of the mattress” – which creates an organic and translucent surface that emphasizes the sensation of floating in the sky, of being in between the clouds.

Cloud Nine Bedroom by Studio Gabriel Bordin

To visually express the idea we chose light colors within natural shades and grayscale. The Raw White Color by the brand Coral is predominant, becoming the main character of the palette, and a few elements in black create focal points. The bay window, parallel to the bed, frames the view and also becomes part of the furniture. With this paralleling, on one side the Jabuticaba tree and on the other side the Jean Gillon’s Jangada armchair, a small living room is created, suggesting that this room is also meant to receive.

Cloud Nine Bedroom by Studio Gabriel Bordin

Among the furniture are other designer pieces such as the Julieta chair, by Gustavo Bittencourt; the Caê table, by Fernando Mendes; and, yet another original creation by Gabriel, a folding screen made of sandblasted glass and white metalwork. Some of the artworks include creations by Sérgio Lucena, Ricardo Homem, Henrique Savas, and Sabrina Bordin Sirino. As a fine detail, poems by Yoko Ono can be seen at the bedside, where also lies the architect’s grandfather’s clock, featured in all his exhibits at the event. The white cabinet, designed to create a “flying” effect, is balanced by the large block of Carrara marble, which brings colors to the room like a mirror of the clouds.

Cloud Nine Bedroom by Studio Gabriel Bordin

“The space was designed to produce as little waste as possible through minimal construction interventions since all amenities are to be removed at the end of the show. The whole furniture is modular, designed and built to easily adapt to other future projects, reducing post-event leftovers”, he says. The encased coil wall has become a practical solution by avoiding the construction of a wall, which would last no longer than the 45 days of the exhibition. Moreover, around 75% of these springs can be reused. The architect also chose to leave the ceiling in its original form.


As for digital technology, Cloud Nine Bedroom is, according to Gabriel, “a very analog space, to feel in the clouds. It’s peaceful, organic, natural, and, consequently, analog draws us closer to that”.

Cloud Nine Bedroom by Studio Gabriel Bordin

Cloud Nine Bedroom by Studio Gabriel Bordin

interior design by Studio Gabriel Bordin

Cloud Nine Bedroom by Studio Gabriel Bordin


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