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House Like Village: Old Harbor Cantina Transformed into Loft Apartments

House Like Village 1

” House Like Village ” is a project designed by Marc Koehler Architects, located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Project description: With the transformation of an old harbor-cantina on KNSM eiland in Amsterdam into large apartments, this building changed function but kept its identity.

House Like Village

The house is composed from 4 smaller ‘houses’, containing the more private spaces and supporting facilities. In between them, an open multifuncional space emerges (the streets), and natural daylight enters deep into the house.


The elevated second level is used for cooking, dining, working and has a guest house, connected by walking bridges. These ‘roof terraces’ are placed in such a way that you can fully enjoy the view of the adjacent harbour. The walls consist of closets and cupboards which double function as a wooden support structure. The whole loft-space is thus used, but retains its open character.

House Like Village 3

The enclosed volumes also work as climate compartments and limit the energy-use. In the future the funcional space can be enlarged by building extra ‘houses’ in the space now left open.

Main architect: Marc Koehler Architects
Project: House Like Village
Process manager: Chris Kreijns
Project team: Marc Koehler, Miriam Tocino, Anna Szczurek, Maarten Verhelst
Furniture design: Marc Koehler Architects, Made-up interior works
Construction: Archangel Bouw
Photographer: Marcel van der Burg

House Like Village 5

House Like Village 5

House Like Village 6

House Like Village 7

House Like Village 8

House Like Village 9

House Like Village 10

House Like Village 11

House Like Village 12

House Like Village 12

House Like Village 13

House Like Village 14

House Like Village 15

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