How Barnwood Adds Character To Your Home’s Interior

All barnwood is reclaimed, but not all reclaimed wood is barnwood. The difference is simple: if the wood was used in a barn, it’s barnwood—if it comes from other places, like old factories or warehouses, it’s reclaimed.

That said, people use the two terms interchangeably to refer to any older or weathered lumber that’s still in good shape and can be upcycled for use today. One of the best ways to use this salvaged material is inside your home, as part of an accent wall or as a focus piece (or pieces).

Not only does using old lumber make your home look more rustic or country-chic, but it also adds character and a rich history to each room. Here’s how you can incorporate this versatile material into your home and add some interesting character to your interior design:

1. Use Barnwood For Minimalist Spaces

Barnwood is a great way to add character to minimalist spaces. The rustic, organic look of barnwood can help you create a warm and inviting atmosphere that complements your modern minimalist furniture.

By using barnwood as the focal point of your room, you can let it carry the design while other neutral elements, like white walls and floors, act as a backdrop for the rustic material.

This arrangement is excellent for homeowners with limited space. This creates an airy feeling by eliminating dark colors from the room and letting light in through windows or skylights.

How Barnwood Adds Character To Your Home's Interior

2. Use Barnwood To Preserve History And Leave A Legacy

Barnwood is natural. So not only are you saving a piece of history when you use the wood in your home, but you’re also reusing something that would’ve otherwise been left to decompose on its own. Barnwood is also a renewable resource, as long as people keep buying it.

Barns have been around for centuries and will continue to be built into the future, which means there are plenty of old boards out there just waiting to be repurposed. And, since barnwood can last hundreds of years if treated properly (think: sealed with polyurethane), it’ll likely outlast even your most enduring furniture pieces. The result? Barnwood’s sustainable nature means that it can become someone’s legacy for generations to come.

3. Use Barnwood As Unique Backsplash

It’s a common thing to see barnwood used as a backsplash behind the stove in the kitchen. And, it’s also a great way to add character and rustic accents to your home. After all, who doesn’t love the smell of fresh-cut wood?

Barnwood is an excellent choice for adding wooden accents throughout the interior of your house. Also, this type of material would be ideal if you’re looking for something that won’t clash with other furnishings or décor items.

How Barnwood Adds Character To Your Home's Interior

4. Use Barnwood As Distressed Furniture

Distressed furniture is a beautiful way to add character and individuality to your home, and barnwood can easily achieve that. You can distress in many ways, but it typically involves sanding, chipping, staining, or burning the surface of the wood. These methods give the wood an aged look and feel, creating a unique piece that stands out from the rest.

Choosing distressed furniture can be difficult because you don’t want something too damaged or worn out. But, if you find a piece that’s been carefully distressed by someone who knows what they’re doing, it’ll add personality without being overbearing. It’s also important to remember that distress can occur naturally over time.

5. Using Barnwood As Textured Walls

Textured walls add a rustic touch to any room, and they’re incredibly effective when used as a focal point. For example, consider using textured wall in your bathroom to create an accent wall with additional storage space. You can do this by adding trays or shelves to the back of the barnwood, and then filling them with towels or bath products.

Another creative idea for using textured walls is in a hallway where you might want something more interesting than just another dull wall surface. The same technique would work well here as well; however, you can opt for longer pieces of old barnwood if you’d like a more dramatic effect.

6. Use Barnwood As A Rustic And Versatile Accent

Barnwood is an excellent element to country décor, especially if you’re looking for a rustic accent. It adds lots of texture and dimension. It’s also very versatile in terms of what you can do with it—you may want to use some pieces as wall art or display them on top of your bookshelf or mantlepiece. If you want something more functional, barnwood makes for an excellent tabletop for your office desk or kitchen island.

Barnwood isn’t for everyone. However, its beauty is that you can use it to easily add a rustic touch to your home’s interiors. Whether it’s used as an accent wall in your bedroom or as a centerpiece of your dining room table, it’ll surely stand out for all the right reasons.

How Barnwood Adds Character To Your Home's Interior
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