How-To & GuidesHow Can a Foreigner Get a Mortgage in Dubai?

How Can a Foreigner Get a Mortgage in Dubai?

How Can a Foreigner Get a Mortgage in Dubai?

Mortgages to buy a property is one of the factors that attract foreign nationals to Dubai. The source gives detailed information about how a foreign citizen can buy real estate in this emirate.

Can foreigners apply for a mortgage?

“Yes, they can” is the answer to this question. However, it is not so simple as it seems. Foreign investors who want to buy real estate in Dubai, but they must meet certain requirements and conditions. An overseas buyer has fewer opportunities to obtain real estate loans than UAE residents and expats.

Categories of persons who can get a loan

To get a mortgage in Dubai, non-residents will need to meet special criteria. Please note that they may vary in different UAE banks.

Who can get a mortgage?

• Citizens of the Persian Gulf countries;
• Employed and self-employed citizens working for a company in the UAE;
• Some banks also set age limits for applicants. In such institutions, the age limit is from 25 years.

You will also need to meet the bank’s minimum monthly income requirements. It is important to know that each banking institution offers its own requirements. For instance, the ADCB bank requires non-residents to have a monthly income of at least AED 25,000 ($6,806, ¥43,356).

Some banking institutions also have a list of developers and projects that are approved for obtaining mortgages. Before purchasing real estate, you should find out that the developer is included in this list.

How Can a Foreigner Get a Mortgage in Dubai?

Features of mortgage loans in Dubai

Maximum loan amount

The maximum loan amount may vary depending on the bank and your financial capabilities.

LTV coefficients (the principal amount of the loan to the market or estimated value of the collateral)

According to the UAE Mortgage Law, non-residents are required to pay at least 20% of the purchase price of the property as a down payment if it costs up to AED 5 million ($1,361,285, ¥8,671,385). For real estate for over AED 5 million, the minimum contribution is 30%. However, some banks in the UAE can only finance up to 50% of the property value.

Interest rates

Some banks offer different interest rate options. On average, the percentage ranges from 6.5 to 9.5% per annum.


The maximum term of the loan for foreign nationals is 25 years. Some banks offer shorter terms, depending on the financial capabilities and circumstances of a particular client. Moreover, they may impose additional age restrictions: no older than 65 for employees and no older than 70 for the self-employed.

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How Can a Foreigner Get a Mortgage in Dubai?

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