How-To & GuidesTaking Care of your Windows and Doors in the Cold Season

Taking Care of your Windows and Doors in the Cold Season

Taking Care of your Windows and Doors in the Cold Season

It is important to take care of your windows and doors every season to avoid the extra cost of replacing them. The cold season can be one of the worst if your doors and windows are in bad shape. This is because of the constant blowing of cold winds as well as the heavy snow that accompanies the cold season.

Your doors and windows can damage due to the cold weather especially if they are wooden reducing their efficiency in your home. The following are some of the ways you can protect your windows and doors during the cold season;

Wooden Wing Cottage in Quebec Perched on a Granite Bedrock
Wooden Wing Cottage in Quebec Perched on a Granite Bedrock, YH2 Architecture

1. Inspect Your Windows And Doors
It is important that before the onset of the cold season, you inspect the condition of your windows and doors Toronto. The inspection ensures that you identify and repair any damaged parts. For windows, check for enlarged gaps between the frame and the window and seal them. Those gaps are the ones that allow cold air into the house when the cold season begins. Check door hinges and rails for rust and lubricate them. The cold weather stiffens the hinges causing them to malfunction but lubricating them reduces the impact of moisture on them. When conducting the inspection, also check the condition of the weather stripping. The changes in temperature cause it to dry up. If they are not in good condition, replace them as they may not withstand the cold season and can break.

Taking Care of your Windows and Doors in the Cold Season

2. Clean The Doors And Windows
Cleaning your doors and windows is something that is usually done throughout the year even before the cold season begins. However, thorough cleaning before the onset of the cold season is even more important. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove all dirt and dust stuck in between the frames. When snow falls on dirty windows, it parks down all the dirt on the window rails causing discoloration. When the dirt is parked down in between the rails, it can be harder to remove in the future. Cleaning of the windows and doors Toronto should also continue even when the cold season begins to allow natural lighting into the house.

3. Install A Storm Door
This is an external door that can be installed without the removal of the current front door. This door is essential in preventing damage to your front door. It acts as a barrier to air between the outside cold and your front door. A storm door is energy efficient. It reduces the amount of cold air entering the house reducing the cost of warming the house. A storm door also protects your front door from getting damaged by snow.

4. Get Thicker Curtains And Drapes
Getting thicker fabrics as your curtains for the cold season prevents heat loss from the house saving on energy costs. This is because the thick curtains act as an insulator and can act as light filters when there is a lot of light from the outside.

Scandinavian Inspiration Residence by CARGO Architecture, Quebec, Canada
Scandinavian Inspiration Residence by CARGO Architecture, Quebec, Canada

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