How to Clean a Smelly Garbage Disposal: DIY Tips That Work

How to Clean a Smelly Garbage Disposal: DIY Tips That Work

A garbage disposal is a blessing when it comes to cleaning chunks of food left over. It helps you keep your kitchen clean and prevents pipes and housing from clogging. However, after continuous use, some food particles may get stuck in different parts of the machine or the housing. If left untreated, mold can grow in or on the place that connects to the Sink underside, causing an unwanted smell. If your garbage disposal has started to smell, you are in luck because this ultimate guide will help you learn how to clean a smelly garbage disposal.

The garbage disposal machine mounts underneath the sink receives solid waste food and sends it into a grinding chamber that converts it into tiny bits. These small bits of food are disposed into the drains with the help of water.

Proven Tips on How to Clean a Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal may need work that requires a mild fix or deep, detailed cleaning. Therefore, this guide starts with easy tips to detailed ones. You should move to the next step if the easy step doesn’t fix it. But in the end, your machine will be smell-free.

Cleaning Outside and Visible Portion

There’s a chance that dust, tiny food particles, and rust will build up at the connecting spot of the machine and sink. This build-up causes a rotting smell that can be punchy. So, all you need is to scrub the outside of the device with the help of water and soap. You must focus on the joining location of the machine’s rim to the sink underside. When the build-up is removed, you can feel the smell go away.

Pressure Cleaning of Housing

Continuously operate the garbage disposal when the faucet is running. If performed without water flowing into the housing, there is an excellent chance of food trapping inside the housing and causing a moldy smell. To fix it, use the stopper to block the sink drain. Fill it almost completely or half. Turn on the machine as you let water flow with pressure. Water flowing with speed can remove trapped food to clean the housing. Repeat this process a few times a week.

Remove Slimy Residue Buildup

Washing oily residue off the plates and pans can build slimy grease in the garbage disposal. You can remove this with the help of a salt and ice mixture and put it into the Grinding chamber of the Garbage disposal machine. To do that, pour a full-sized cup of ice cubes and turn on the disposal while adding half a cup of salt spoon by spoon. This will take away any greasy or slimy residue that causes smell.

Applying Citrus

This method of cleaning garbage disposal is crafty as it involves citrus fruits. They can remove the grease and deodorize it by overcoming the smell. Grind some peels of oranges, lime, grapefruit, or the entire fruit. Rinse the kitchen with the mixture and rub the peels on the blades, removing the smell and greasy sense. Oils that involve citrus are suitable for keeping surfaces with a pleasant aura.

Deodorizing Cleaning

Only use this step if all the other options provided earlier don’t work. Pour down the baking soda into the disposal drain until there is no room for it. Next, you will need to pour half a cup of vinegar, let the solution stay there for half an hour, and turn on the garbage disposal with cold water for one or two minutes. Vinegar and baking soda solutions are suitable for killing bacteria causing the smell and for a smooth disposal function.

Deep Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal

Deep Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal

The last option to clean a smelly Garbage disposal is to clean it deeply. To do that:
– Use a rubber test cap with a steel clamp and cleaning solution such as citrus, baking soda, and vinegar.
– With the help of a wrench, disconnect the pipe from the trap.
– After that, attach the rubber cap with a clamp on the pipe end
– This will stop the water from going down the drain or to the gutter.
– Soak the pipe with vinegar and baking soda solution. Leave it there for some time.
– Place a bucket to catch any rinsed water or leakage
– Fill the basin up to half; it will build the pressure
– Turn on the disposal and let it run with hot water for two minutes
– Remove the rubber cap clamp and let the water go to the bucket while keeping the removal running. Until the whole water goes into the drain. This will allow all the grease and food that hardened into the pipe and walls of the machine to be removed and the smell to disappear.

This deep cleaning takes from one hour to two hours of your time.

How to Clean a Smelly Garbage Disposal: DIY Tips That Work

What causes your garbage disposal to smell?

You need to know what can cause your garbage disposal to smell. Following is the list

  1. Food particles leftovers
    Most of the time, your garbage disposal smells bad because of the food left over in housing, grinder walls, corners, removal drains, and where the machine is connected. This leftover food can lead to fungus and mold growth, causing the smell.
  2. Leaky and blocked pipes
    Leaky and blocked pipes can transport orderly gases from the sewer back to the garbage disposal and kitchen. In addition, if the lines, housing, or drains are leaked, water can splash or gather on the floor, creating a foul odor.
  3. Slime and Mold Buildup
    Oily food chunks cause grease and slime. When left untreated for a long time, they can block the disposal chamber’s housings, pipes, and walls.

How to Avoid Garbage Disposal from Being Smelly

Prevention works wonders. Now that you read about why your garbage disposal is small, finding a remedy and avoiding the situation is more manageable. Follow these steps to prevent a smelly garbage disposal.

  1. Routine cleaning
    Cleaning your kitchen, sink, drain, and garbage disposal daily, weekly, and monthly deep cleaning will prevent it from smelling.
  2. Routine flushing
    Use hot and cold water to fill the sink half, then open the drain while turning the garbage disposal on. Repeat this a few times a week to keep food particles from settling.
  3. Avoid non disposal friendly foods
    Non-disposal foods can clog drains and break blades, leading to extra repair. Always remove them before throwing them into the machine.
  4. Use cleaning pods
    Cleaning pods usually cost $5-$10 and have unclogging power. Using once a week will be enough that no smell grows.
  5. Fix the drainage
    Blocked drains often help garbage gather in the pipes and create gases. Make sure your gutters are working correctly so that you may prevent the Garbage disposal from smelling.

It all comes down to maintaining your kitchen drains and sorting out what foods go into the garbage disposal. In addition, follow the prevention tips to save yourself from the unwanted action of deep cleaning your smelly garbage disposal. If the smell produces, then start from more effortless to detailed directions described above.

How to Clean a Smelly Garbage Disposal: DIY Tips That Work

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