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How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom – An Effective Checklist

How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom - An Effective Checklist

Keeping your bathroom clean is an essential practice for the elegance and decency of your house. Instead of waiting until it stinks or guests arrive, it is always the best practice to design an easy schedule on a daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal basis. From Wiping mirrors and sinks, and deep cleaning clogged toilets to shining bathroom floors and keeping the walls stain-free, this article is an ultimate guide on how to deep clean your bathroom.

For your convenience, we have divided this guide into two parts. The first part provides a bathroom checklist cleaning schedule and the second part includes tips and tricks to keep your bathroom clean and elegant.

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist Schedule

For better cleaning habits and cleaning convenience, the schedule includes daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal checklists.

How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom - An Effective Checklist

Daily Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Daily cleaning chores require the least amount of effort to maintain a decent look. These chores are , hanging towers, and maintaining the toiletries supply.

1. Declutter Countertops

All the clutter left behind after your daily makeup routine creates an unwanted look and vibes for your bathroom. Therefore, you need to make sure every cosmetic product, toiletry, nail cutter, shampoo, or beauty product is back in its original spot. In addition, remove any hairs, or residues left around to keep the bathroom clutter-free and decent.

2. Hanging Towels immediately

How you hang towels and arrange them on a wall-mounted ring or its home spot defines your personality and how disciplined you are. Instead of leaving wet towels on the floors will not only leave a damped floor but will cause extra laundry headaches. It takes a few seconds to hang your towels to save you from unnecessary efforts.

3. Maintaining Essential Toiletries

Toiletries such as toilet paper, cleaning liquids, hand washes, cosmetics, soaps, and sanitizers are essential requirements. Ensure they are never out of stock; instead, keep an extra item in drawers or safe for emergencies.

Weekly Bathroom Cleaning Routines

Weekly bathroom cleaning requires more detailed work and extra attention. This checklist is to keep all the essential equipment, sinks, wash basins, floors, and toilets clean. Here is the list.

How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom - An Effective Checklist

1. Counters wiping

According to the surface material, choose the cleaning agent. However, marble and granite surfaces can be washed with the help of baking soda and soapy water. Sink contours, faucets, and adjacent flooring usually the surfaces with counters. For a proper bathroom cleaning you must have a clear vanity and cleaning equipment. In the end, flush or drain all the residue and wipe the floor with a mop or a wiper.

2. Deep Cleaning of Toilet and Sink

Toilets and Sinks are Widely used bathroom facilities prone to getting clogged or dirty more often therefore we have added into the weekly checklist of how to deep clean your bathroom guide.

To deep clean your toilet, you will need bleach, acid, and a scrubber. Start from the outside by removing all dust on the lid and tank. With a scrubber and soapy water work your way into the bowl rim. To clean the inside of the bowl, spray or pour anti-acid and leave for some time to dissolve with the dust, stains, or residue. It will take 5-10 minutes before you can wash the entire inside with water.

Deep cleaning Sinks requires less effort as they have less surface area with a shape that can be accessed easily. Start with scrubbing the surface with water and cleaning acids. If the surface under the sink has stains, you can scrub it out. In the final step, wipe out any water drops.

3. Disinfect and Sanitize bathroom

A damp and humid environment is suitable for hazardous bacteria and viruses. Therefore, disinfection and sanitization is the must-have weekly routine on how to deep clean your bathroom guide.

All the surfaces, floors, faucets, toilets, sinks, hangers, and mirrors will require disinfection. First, remove the dust from the cleaning surface with a semi-wet wiper. When all the dust is gone, wash the surfaces with bleach or an acid. Walls and floors can be easily washed but toilets, sinks, and faucets can be time-consuming. You will need to leave the bleach or acid on the surface for some time so that it reacts with stains and bad spots. Afterward, you can wash it for a clean and spick look. After the hard spots or visible stains are gone, you will need to spray disinfectant powerful enough to remove 99.99 % of the germs and Bacteria

After you have disinfected, sanitizing the bathroom is the next step. You can sanitize your sink, faucets, toilet, and mirrors with the help of your favorite spray or homemade vinegar water solution. Make sure to use twisted cleaning brushes, wipers, or mops to Sanitize these Surfaces.

4. Cleaning the Drains

Functioning water drains are important to keep the bathroom clean. Therefore, You need to make sure none of the drains is clogged. The proper way to keep the drains running is to notice each day if the water underneath the shower and sink drains running at speed. A slower speed of running water can be an indication of hair build-up or other obstruction. Remove the sink stopper or filtration and unclog the drain from the other end of the hanging wire as a remedy. If it doesn’t work, you can also look for products on Amazon or eBay that are specifically designed for unclogging. Make sure to read the description as in some cases they may damage the pipes.

5. Drying and Mopping the floor

This step is the last step of deep cleaning your bathroom as dust, hair, clutter residue, and chemicals gather on the floor. Proceed with care by making sure that ventilation is properly working and follow these steps.

  • First, remove the debris and dust with the help of a vacuum
  • Mop the floor with a mixture of soap, water, and disinfectant of your choice
  • If your floor is made of vinyl, linoleum, or ceramic tile, use a mixture of water and bleach (1 gallon of water + ¼ cup of bleach) to mop the floor.

Monthly Bathroom Deep Cleaning Checklist

Monthly deep cleaning is a detailed cleaning that requires more attention and effort. For long-lasting maintenance of your bathroom follow these steps.

How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom - An Effective Checklist

1. Mirror Polishing

To clean your bathroom mirror, spray ammonia-based glass cleaner that is easily available in various retail shops. From top to bottom with a circular motion use a lint smooth and soft fabric to remove all the stains. You can also wipe the glass with wipers specifically made for glass cleaning. Avoid using paper towels as they have a risk of leaving residue behind.

2. Shower and Tub Scrub

You can clean your shower and Tub with the help of homemade water, vinegar, and soap mixture in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the Tub and shower hardware surface. Let the solution soak for 5-10 minutes. With the help of water and brush, scrub the surface until all dust, and stains are removed. In the end, wipe the surfaces with a cleaning towel or wiper until dry.
Make sure to clean the vanity of fallen or disposed shampoos, debris, or soap pieces.

3. Washing of Shower Curtain and Liner and bathroom rugs, Shower Mat

Due to the moist and damp environment, shower curtains and liners are prone to growing mold and mildew. Clean them with the washing machine and after drying you can put them on the hanger or ring.

Shower mats and bathroom rugs attract hair, dust, and residue and eventually get dirty. Unlike shower curtains and liners, these rugs and mats require special care while washing. Most of the rugs can be thrown into machines but others should be washed with hands.

Seasonal Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Seasonal how-to deep clean your bathroom checklist includes cleaning chores that should be completed on a need-based or after a very considerably long interval.

How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom - An Effective Checklist

1. Trash Can Cleaning

Depending on the usage of toiletries and population, bathroom trash cans may take different intervals to fill up, however, normally it takes a month or two. After it fills up, you need to clean and dispose of the trash according to proper safety protocols. Always use trash bags to avoid trash cans inside being dirty.

2. Resealing of Surfaces

After long use, sealings of sinks, showers, or orifices made of granite or marble can become worn and torn. You can test by splashing or pouring a small amount of water on the sealed area. If the water is soaked in, you should replace the sealing.

3. Baseboard Dusting

Keep your baseboard shining with the help of cleaning clothes or towels made of soft microfibers. You can also use cleaning products designed for baseboard dusting chores.
If you proceed according to the above-listed daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal methods of deep cleaning your bathroom checklist, it is enough.

Ultimate Tips on How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom

You can learn how to deep clean your bathroom by following simple but working tips and tricks with minimum effort.

Tips to Use Chemicals are the best to clean bathroom

Tips to Use Chemicals are the best to clean bathroom

  • Use chemicals with the least punching smell, are less allergic, and are human-friendly. One of the most used cleaning agents is Bleach. However, ammonia-based agents are also on the market
  • Homemade soap-water-vinegar solution works the best
  • Some surfaces require specific cleaning chemicals because of their materials. Make sure to read the description and working materials.
  • You must leave the doors and windows open for ventilation

Tips to Clean and Arrange Bathroom Towels Like a Pro

  • Always keep towels half-folded on the ring or holder.
  • If they are in the cupboard you have multifold.
  • Keep towels 3-5 feet away from the bathroom floor to avoid unnecessary soaking from splashes.
  • Wash Towels weekly to maintain proper hygiene

Tips to Keep Bathroom drains, shower, sinks and Toilets clean

  • Check for the proper drain after finishing your shower bathroom business
  • Remove the broken hair, pieces of soap, and wrappers from the skins and dispose of them in the trash can
  • Use keep the surfaces dry to avoid mold growing
  • Always flush the toilets with enough water
  • Go through weekly deep cleaning sessions
  • Never use abrasive material to scrub but use soft fabrics

Tips to clean bathroom floor and walls

  • Walls and floors should be cleaned in the last
  • Before cleaning walls, remove all the stuff or hangers if any
  • Scrub down with soapy water and wipe the walls dry
  • Always use disinfectant during floor mopping with no allergies

Tips to clean bathroom floor and walls


You can keep your bathroom shining and clean by completing the tasks on the checklist and following the tips provided. Remember that, regular deep cleaning makes sinks, pipes, drainage systems, and showers last longer and saves you from damage costs


How long should a bathroom take to clean?

Daily cleaning requires `10-15 minutes, weekly can take up to an hour, and monthly deep cleaning can take multiple hours depending on the details of the cleaning.

Why should the bathroom be cleaned daily?

Daily cleaning of the bathroom helps to maintain the look and aesthetics. It also helps to avoid unwanted scents and damage to skins, pipes, and showers.

What are the safety precautions for bathroom cleaning?

Wear gloves and goggles. If possible wear a coat to avoid chemicals touching your body. Also, make sure there is proper ventilation.

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